Margo and the Mysterious woman , Part 7 , the foolish intruder

V~*approaches Margo as she is sitting reading in the large armchair * Margo , I want you to stay right here , no matter what ok , I’m going outside to get rid of a pest

Margo~*looks up from her book and says softly * yes Miss V , I promise I will

V~*smiles and then vanishes , appearing near the intruder , knowing exactly who it is , pins them to the ground quickly , her heel digging into their neck, chuckling and saying with a smirk * you are not any smarter as a woman than you were as a man , are you Kurai , what exactly do you want here ?

Surai~*smirks even though she is the one pinned by a rather intense heel* I want you to give up Snow White , she was my prey , I have been tracking her , she finally got away from her foolish guardians , then Darius got to her and now you thwart my efforts , just give her to me and I will leave quietly

V~*speaks darkly and seriously * oh I don’t think so Kurai, I wouldn’t give you something so precious even if my existence depended on it , you are the Lowest being in the universe and the most incredibly idiotic , leave now , or I WILL kill you and you know I can , you have made yourself incredibly vulnerable , why choose a female vampire to possess , was she your only option *smirks amusedly and sits ON Surai *

V~*her smirk still in place , she says in a dark threatening voice * Leave NOW !

Surai~*looks at V , she knows she is serious , she vanishes quickly , knowing V is much more powerful , she will have to leave this issue for another day *

V~*smiles a satisfied smile as Surai vanishes ,shakes her head and scoffs * what an idiot *chuckles amusedly *


If you have been following my stories , you will know how foolish Kurai is and How exactly he is now a woman named Surai 😉 you can look back at when Mel was attacked by him and she retaliated powerfully , throwing him from his body . I wonder what he/she will try next 😈 because you know from his foolish standpoint , this isn’t over lol