Margo and the Mysterious woman , Part 5 , Truths and Gifts

*in V’s Boudoir a scratchy Phonograph is playing music from another time , the voice is Mae West , she is singing I’m No angel *

Margo~*very softly and quietly enters V’s Boudoir , her voice just as soft and quiet * ..Miss V …

V~*smiles at Margo and says gently * yes Love , what is it ?

Margo~*looking rather like a scared rabbit she timidly says * umm… I … my book .. it

Margo~*nervously hands shaking , holds Book out to V * will you … will you touch this book please ?

V~ *smiles at her , chuckling softly * come closer Love * waits until Margo walks closer and then asks curiously * and what will happen when I touch your book ?

Margo~*shifts a little from foot to foot , feeling her face getting hot, she says quietly * it’s … a magic book Miss V . It …

V~*noticing Margo’s nervousness she smiles gently and pats the place next to her , takes Margo’s book in her hand * sit with me Love

Margo~*sits down beside V *

V~*touches the book with her hand , tracing over its soft cover , she can feel the book shivering in delight at being stroked , she looks at Margo , her eyes flash and she smirks slightly * indeed this is a magic book , tell me what it will do now ?

Margo~*says softly * open it and … it will tell us what you are .. *she doesn’t know why , but she feels very nervous , her stomach is doing weird flips *

V~*laughs warmly* oh? Indeed ? Will it ? How fascinating *she opens the book and reads the words that appear on the page , she nods , her fingers tracing the words * impressive .. *she looks at Margo , a glint of something in her eyes , she asks her with a devious tone * do you want to read it for yourself , or shall I read it for you my Love ?

Margo~*says quietly * please will you read it to me ?

V~*nods and smiles , winking ,then reads the words * Species : Demon , Highly attractive Seductress *laughs amusedly * my what a delightfully complimentary book..*she continues to read with a smile * … Enchantress , Succubus

Habits: Feeds on the energy of her victims through sexual acts , she can drain her victim to near death , leaving them to struggle and fight for life , or she can take just enough to leave them for another time . She can kill her prey , but most times this one will leave her victims strong enough to sleep and recover to enjoy her company another day, but be cautious , she may also in some cases choose to devour her victims soul , she is neither good nor evil , some would say both *she looks at Margo , examining her reaction , she asks softly * are you alright Love ?

Margo~*trembling slightly , she nods , whispers * I’m ok … I … I’m just a little frightened ..

V~*smiles gently* please kneel in front of me Margo and close your eyes .

Margo~*kneels down obediently , closes her eyes , she is still trembling slightly *

V~*places a necklace around Margo’s neck and then gently and easily scoops her into her arms and sits down with her , her voice warm and almost hypnotic , though she is not suggesting anything *

Margo, you are my Snow White , my Perfect Apple , my princess ,that I have awoken , I have waited so long for you . I promise I will take care of you until the end of time . I would not ever dream of harming even a hair on your head my Love , you are more Precious to me than anything in the world or universe combined .

Margo~*feels herself being set back on her feet , she feels the something around her neck , resting gently on her chest , she touches the smoothness of the object with her delicate fingers , she opens her eyes , she looks at the bright red Apple , then at V and smiles softly , her fear faded away , now a kind of tingly happiness is spreading throughout her entire body , quietly says * Thank you Miss V .

V~*smiles at her * you are very welcome my Love .


It’s all Apple charms and smiles now , but I sense something brewing for these two , someone approacheth soon who means trouble …. muhahaha … of course that is just my prediction 😈 we shall see what happens next ….

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