Madness, Mirage’s and sassiness

Mel~*sitting in the large armchair at V’s ,Wanda having stepped out of the room to make some tea for Mel after she woke up , she seems to be talking to nothing but air , as no one else appears to be in the room with her , but what no one else can see is , Mirage is standing next to her *

Mirage~*says softly to Mel * someone is coming , do not tell them I am here

Mel~*nods and says in a whisper * ok

*the sound of clicking heels can be heard coming towards the room , when they reach the room , a woman with dark brown hair and eyes , with tattoos on her arm , steps into the room , she sees Mel and a slight smirk plays on her lips , she leans on the arm of the chair , not realizing that Mirage is there *

Mel~*looks at this girl with surprise , she cannot find her voice for several moments, but she manages to ask in a shocked quiet voice *… who are you ?

*the girl laughs and smiles * you can call me MeliB

Mel~*is very curious , she is obviously one of her other selves , she asks softly * what realm are you from ?

MeliB~*regards Mel for a moment , deciding if she should tell her , she finally decides and says with a smirk *The Rebel Realm

Mel~*looks at her oddly and asks * is that truly the name of your realm ?

MeliB~*laughs and smirks * well if it isn’t then it should be *leaps up on the arm of the chair , causing Mel to lean back in surprise * so what’s your story ? Are you the One that upset the higher ups?

Mel~*looks at her , not knowing what to say , she has never thought about what caused everything that has happened so far , she looks down at her hands , she feels guilty , she knows she always causes trouble , everything that goes wrong always seems to stem through her , her own realm should be called the albatross realm or something , she looks up at MeliB and simply nods and then looks down again *

MeliB~*laughs and then says warmly * don’t worry hun, I’m sure this is not all your fault *moves herself to sit next to Mel and puts her arm around her * damn you’re adorable

Mel~*in such shock at her other selves actions she cannot find any words and she finds she cannot move*

MeliB~*touches Mel’s face gently and whispers to her * want to know a secret?

Mel~*finds herself nodding , still a bit in shock, she can feel the warmth and the energy of her other self pulsating against her , her head becomes very fuzzy , the room spins and before she knows what’s happening , MeliB pins her to the chair aggressively and kisses her with a forceful passion , she tries to pull away, but MeliB is very persistent *

V~*appears in the room , leaning on the armchair , an amused look on her face , she waits a moment or two and then says with an amused voice * excuse me ladies , but I only allow that sort of thing in the bedrooms or the playroom

MeliB~*looks back at V and smirks, climbing off a very in shock Mel *

Mel~*is breathless and her heart is racing so fast , she cannot sort out her feelings , they are all a confused jumble in her brain right now , she just lays there looking like a deer in headlights *

MeliB~*sees V and a smirk appears on her lips , her voice is warm and sultry * you must be V , I’m MeliB

V~*smirks back at her * it’s a pleasure , but let’s leave Mel alone

MeliB~*leans closer to V and says in her warm sultry voice * maybe you and I can get to know each other then ?

V~*chuckles and smirks * we’ll see . But right now we need to get you girls sorted out and the others are going to want to know you are here

MeliB~*laughs and smiles , leaning back into the chair a bit * alright , business first…*smirks again*.. then pleasure *winks*

V~*chuckles , looking amused and her eyes flash , she is very interested , but she needs to teach this girl that she is the boss not her , she needs to learn that before any playtime happens, she says with a smirk * perhaps

Wanda~*bursts into the room , pushes MeliB away from Mel and hurries to her side , asks gently and urgently * are you alright my Love

Mel~*is so relieved to see Wanda ,but she is still in shock , she can only nod, she feels herself calming down now that Wanda is beside her *

MeliB~*sighs, then laughs*

V~*laughs amusedly and smirks *

Mirage~*sits quietly in the background , watching the scene , she shows no emotion , but she is watching with interest all the same *


To be continued …..

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