Longings and promises

Mel~*is sitting holding a pink blanket in her hand , she is humming softly to herself *

Darkus~*puts his cigarette out and then steps into the room , he asks gently * you alright Mel ?

Mel~*nods and says softly * I just wish I could see my daughter , I miss her and Wanda so much

Darkus~*smiles gently and moves to sit with her , slipping his arm around her * I can take you to see them

Mel~*leans on him and says softly * I would like that , but Wanda says it isn’t safe for me to see her , but I don’t know what she means

Darkus~hmmm… that is strange , how about I talk to her about you coming to visit ? I can take you to Darius’s and then head over to the stone realm

Mel~*hugs him , she says with grateful emotion * Thank you Darkus! Thank you !

Darkus~*smiles and hugs her back * anything for you Mel


*later in the evening a carriage pulls up to V’s , the driver jumps down and approaches the door , before he can knock the door opens and Mel and Darkus step out * Good evening Master Darkus , I am here to accompany both you and Miss Mel to the Dark Mansion

Darkus~*nods , he has his arm around Mel who seems very quiet , the black cat known as Salem , tucked in her arms ,he hopes he can speak to Wanda and get things resolved about Onxy , her and Mel’s daughter , Mel has been very distraught having not seen either one of them for some time , he climbs into the carriage with Mel , keeping her close to him , she feels her lean against him , he pats her arm gently *

*the carriage begins its journey , bouncing gently down the stone driveway and heading in the direction of the Dark Mansion, soon it pulls up and stops , the driver leaping down and opening the door for them *

Darkus~*looks at Mel , speaking gently * this is your stop Mel , delivered safe and sound as promised , I will head to the stone realm now and speak to Wanda , I will come back here when I get an answer , I promise

Mel~*looks at Darkus gratefully and says softly * thank you Darkus , please tell Wanda I miss her so much

Darkus~*smiles gently at her , touching her head softly and with so much caring * I will , I promise

Mel~*takes a deep breath to keep tears from falling and steps down out of the carriage , allowing the driver to escort her safely to the door *

*the door opens and the friendly face of the Butler peers out and when he sees Mel he smiles * Good evening Miss Mel , Master Darius has been expecting you , please do follow me

Mel~*looks back once at Darkus and then steps fully into the house , cat following at her feet , following the Butler , the doors closing behind them *


This one took me forever to get the photos for 😛 then I realized some parts require the theatre of the mind 😉

Thanks for reading!