(7)Let’s go find a page boy , pt 2

*the two men step outside of Divina’s house and make their way out of the dark woods , they get just outside of them when ….

Kurai~*suddenly a crow lands on his Head , it drops a rolled up piece of parchment in front of him and then flies off, he kneels down and picks it up and unrolls it , the parchment has written on it “He is at Crowley’s , signed , D, looks at Aldon and says under his breath * shit … *then in an almost panicked tone, shows Aldon the note , says * I can’t go there , they will kill me , Crowley is not someone who I wish to tangle with again . He will have me sentenced to the seventh circle of hell or some shit … *for someone super cocky , he looks like a defeated and frightened man , which is not a look he wears very well *

Aldon~*raises an eyebrow * well Kurai I’m sorry you have enemies , though I am not surprised that you do to be honest , but we have to question the page boy , we have to find out who or what took that bracelet

Kurai~*sighs*alright , but if things get rough , I hope you will at least help me out

Aldon~*smiles and pats Kurai’s shoulder * ya I guess *laughs good naturedly *


Casimir *is indeed underground , not quite the underworld ,but just on the outskirts of one of the entrances , but this is a place that No decent person would visit , the place is called Crowley’s pub and its crawls with the most distasteful group of nasties always , he figured no one who cares that he failed his job would ever look for him here , he has a hand on his head , palm resting against his forehead , fingers tangled in his black hair , the longer parts of his hair draped over his face and one hand on a noxious concoction of something called Wicked beer 🍺, which he has only Purchased so he could sit in the bar , contemplating his failures ,as the patrons of this devilish establishment get drunk, on the various concoctions the bar keep invents on a daily basis *


Aldon~*looks at Kurai as they appear in front of the pub * alright lets do this …

Kurai~*nods , looking determined * ya ..

Aldon~*enters the pub , instantly the smells hit him , so much alcohol and some kind of weird drug smell , herbs of some kind , he ignores them and his eyes sweep the pub for sight of Casimir , he has met him a couple of times for jobs of his own , he spots him , he turns to tell Kurai , but he is not where he was a moment ago, he then sees him being cornered by some rough looking characters , he hurries over and grabs him , says quickly * Come on honey we have to meet our friend *cringing inside at this but he had to get Kurai out of there , thankfully the rough looking characters lose interest and go back to their beers , he approaches Casimir with Kurai and says gently * Casimir , can we talk to you ?

Casimir ~*moans out * ya whatever , sit down , my life’s over anyways*

Aldon~*sits down and asks gently * why do you say that ?

Casimir ~*looks up at him , says in a defeated voice * why else would you come to find me here , you want to know what I saw , you want to know how I failed

Aldon~*speaks gently * we just need to know who took the package , do you remember anything ? Anything at all ?

Casimir ~*he reaches in his robe and pulls something out of it and sets it on the table , it’s a shiny black feather * after the package was taken I found this … *he pushes it towards Aldon *

Aldon~*takes the feather and looks at it curiously , he raises an eyebrow* a bird ?

Casimir ~*shrugs * I don’t know , it could be from a Gargoyle , I have seen a lot of them , they have feathers like that and whatever took the package has sharp black claws , I didn’t see it , but it has to be one , no regular bird had those kind of feathers

Kurai~*looks at Aldon and raises an eyebrow * a Gargoyle ?

Aldon~*puzzles over this too * I suppose it’s possible …


next part …