Let me introduce you to , The players in my stories(as these character develop and grow , so will their descriptions )

Mel~ a human with emotional issues , she is a being who cares and feels very deeply , which causes her endless drama in her life . She is my muse so she gets a lot of things thrown at her . She has telekinetic abilities . She is my entrance into the world of fantasy stories where I can escape . She is both like me and unlike me in many ways .

Melissa ~ A very mature girl , who is very motherly towards Mel and little Melly , she is one of 6 “Melissa’s” read the stories to find out more about her 😉

MeliB a sassy overly confident girl who has a few secrets, she is one of the 6 “Melissa’s”

MJ ~ freed from her box by unknown circumstances , she now works for the Underworld (or perhaps she always has 😈) , her mission and purpose are not known to her sisters , she will not tell them for fear of putting them in danger . the reasons she was locked away in the box prison , are still unknown , she is a mystery

Princess Cupcake 🧁 ~ From the Sweets Realm , where everything is a delight and edible as far as the eye can see . A few of the small inhabitants of her realm , live inside the cloak she wears . It is clearly a magical cape 😉

#6 ~ (the 6th and dare I say final Melissa ?! )

A mysterious woman who has been nearer than anyone has realized , read the stories to find out about her

Remus ~ he is a human transformed by magic

Into a Wyvern , he is affectionately called “Dragon boy ” by many of his friends

He rarely wears anything but the pants he is wearing in this photo , because when he transforms into a dragon and then changes back into his human form , he is always naked lol but A good friend of his , who is a very clever witch , made him these magic pants that remain on his body even during transforming , they simply look like scales when he is in dragon form

Icarus ~ Shadow Eater , works for the Underworld and is frequently hired by Darius and sometimes works with MJ

Reese , Claire and their Uncle Darius

Gwendimir & Casimir ~ Pages to the Underworld

Illusion , a mysterious girl, who is she ?

Gurdor ~ A Gargoyle from the Stone Realm , he is a trusted friend of Wanda’s , he even guarded Mel when Wanda was summoned away .

Onyx Willow ~ a young Human/gargoyle , she is Mel and Wanda’s daughter

Margo~ a shy girl ,who is slowly learning about the world and all the wonderful and sometimes scary things it contains . She is in a relationship with V , although it is not a romantic one it is a sexual one . Read the story of Margo and the Mysterious woman to learn more about these two .

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Lucifer ~ Lord of the underworld , need I say more 😛 one fun fact : he frequents Crowley’s pub

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Darkus Lucien Dark ~

Species : Nightmare Demon

Relations : Darius and Aleister Darks Brother

Profession : unknown , but it is rumored he works for the Underworld like MJ does

Personality and history : very Kind , he is Mel’s guardian and Along with his two brothers , when younger ,attended Darks Academy for Boys , which lays on the edge of the Dark forest , where nearby the three witch sisters live

Lucinda Drusilla Dark , sister of Aleister, Darkus and Darius Dark , she once ran the Dark academy for girls , she was made to step down because of indiscretions and atrocities committed against students , specifically human students .

Divina ~ Grand High Witch of the Black Forest coven a witch of immense power and influence . She lives in a house that is never in the same place twice , she is wise , can be kind , but also can be terrifying in the extreme . She can change her appearance at will .

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Mimosa ~ a witch that is growing into her powers , despite the fact she is always seemingly left behind when things get serious , but little do they all know , she is quite a powerful witch 😉

Lil miss Melly , learn more about her in the stories 😉

The Mysterious Miss “V”

ReAD : Margo and the Mysterious woman , to find out about her ,  parts are in the menu 😉

Trixie ~ V’s twin sister , she has come for a visit , but may stay awhile , the two sisters get along very well and enjoy sharing things 😉

The Librarian

The Librarian ~ BIO + a few complex extra story bits .

Species : as of yet , it is unknown what species she is

Abilities: able to Create Books that are sentient and “alive” to help their Travelers along their way , the Moderators , a seemingly invisible Group of beings , which will at some point receive their own BIO , these beings entrapped the Librarian in her library , took over the distribution of the books to the travelers , they have twisted things into something they were never intended to be . The Librarian who reveals her name to few , (for her own reasons ) tries to intervene whenever she can , she helped Mel escape the Moderators by letting her stay in the library and learn to make portals . The Librarian also is arranging for Mel’s book , which was tampered with by the Moderators , making it a source of evil intent ,instead of what it was intended to be , is to be destroyed in the fires of Hell , she will need to call in help from friends with connections to Lord Lucifer himself , so they can enter Hell to dispose of the book . It will free Mel from the control of the moderators . She has been tortured and hunted enough by them and by the demon they sent after her .

She also arranged for Margo to be placed with guardians that were strong enough to hide the girl from the moderators , Margo is unique in that her book has not been tampered with and the moderators cannot control her , so they have set a demon to track her to bring her to them . She was taken by another Demon , who has her own intentions for the girl , but she is oddly enough , quite safe with her .

The Librarian is a kind being , she so far has shown little aggression towards others , but she has secrets of her own , who she will reveal them to , is as of yet to be seen .

Mirage, a strange pale girl with many secrets of Her own , who is she and where did she come from and why is she so pale and ghostly , is she dead or alive ?

Lavinia ~ A scientist and doctor , also she is Divina’s sister

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Wanda~ a shapeshifting Gargoyle that is in a romantic relationship with Mel , they have recently had a child together , check out the chapters in the main menu for that story 🙂

Celeste ~ Grand High witch Of the white Forest Coven. She lives in a forest of white trees in a White Castle . She is neither good nor evil .)

Casimir~ page boy to the immortals , he accepts any job . His fees are varied . Also his own origins of birth are a mystery , maybe one day we will find out more about him 😉

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Name: Aleister Crowley Dark
Species: Demon
Profession : Bar Keep of Crowley’s Pub , which sits at the border between the underworld and the human world , where he creates and brews his own beers that he serves at his bar .
Family : he is Darius Dark’s brother and Arabella’s uncle
Personality: he is very Jovial and Happy go lucky and quirky ,he is also clever and has a lot of contacts in the underworld to help “friends” out of sticky spots , such as avoiding the demon police , etc . He is a very powerful demon and has been offered top positions in the underworld , which he refused because of his passion for his bar and his clients
He doesn’t really care to much for humans , he never really has to much interaction with them , as most all of his clients are super naturals
Interesting facts: he has a female companion that stays in a black panther form more than her human form , she is also there at his beckon call .
Relationships : he is very private about them , keeping them confidential , he has a lot of secrets concerning this subject that only the ones he invites or seeks out , know about
Note : Every nasty in the world visits his bar , fights break out on a regular basis , but he has remarkable control when needed .
His bar sometimes acts like an elevator , so when things get nasty , the bar simply “ goes down “ literally , it drops like a defective elevator , plunging the bar fully into the underworld

Arabella ~ a girl who longs for freedom from under her fathers rule , it hard to be the daughter of such a powerful man . He forced her into becoming head girl at his boarding school so he could keep an eye on her . She is a very clever girl and is finding ways to get around her father , she loves him very much , but she longs for her own freedoms

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Hortensia ~ one of Mimosas witch coven

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Horatio~ a time traveler , time keeper and maker of Time portals and studier of Time vortexes , he is also part of the time police team (this is NOT my photo , I do not have this doll currently )

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Aldon~ a vampire who reluctantly helps Divina , he is very kind and reluctant to harm others . He is also a long time acquaintance of Kurai’s , at best they Tolerate each other

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Kurai~ a demon that has been pursuing Mel , making her life hell . He has no heart for humans or care for them , he uses them for his own purposes , so to torture Mel gives him much pleasure . He is a master deceiver and does nothing that does not profit himself

Hellebore ~he is a Puka , a shapeshifting creature , he has a major regret that follows him daily , he doesn’t talk about it to anyone , he would rather suffer in silence , because he knows he is to blame for all of his mistakes . He  has befriended Mel , he sees in her the emotional trauma he himself has experienced during his worst days , Little does he know he one day , may have a chance to redeem himself , even to some small degree 

Phenix ~ a small girl with golden eyes that lives in her own golden world , like srsly everything is gold ! she brings those to her world that need her , to help them through any trauma they are experiencing in their lives, by showing them pleasant memories in her golden pool, she can appear outside her world thru portals , once even thru a cell phone app . She brings people in thru these portals , sometime she provides a golden wand for those who she feels may need to frequently visit . She is very melodic and sweet , she is also a Phoenix whose tears can heal wounds

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Darius Mortimer Dark ~ Head of the I.M.A , (immortal /mortal alliance ) acting head master of the Dark Academy for Girls , captain of the demon Police , Head of the school council , father of Arabella a head girl at the school .

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Viktor~ species : Vampire , he is known to Aldon and Hellebore , will have more about him soon in story 😉

***more characters will be added , but these are a few **