Face the Music girl , A naughty little side story , Part 3

Gurdor~*after retrieving Mel from Crowley’s pub , he begins to walk back home with her , he pauses near a large stone and leans against it , in his deep commanding but kind voice , he says * Sit with me miss

Mel~*sits next to him on the Stone , her stomach in knots , she didn’t know he would be summoned , she wishes it was MeliB or Melissa , she is worried to face Wanda , because she knows she is going to have to and soon , the wind blows her hair , she doesn’t speak *

Gurdor~Miss Wanda wishes to speak to you , she asked me to come and collect you after we were alerted to your whereabouts

Mel~*she makes a nervous sound and her stomach flips , she can do nothing but sit miserably , waiting for the inevitable *

Mel~*when they finally return to V’s place , she sits down on one of the large cushy armchairs , her insides feel like they are having a war inside her body , she gasps a little as she feels a someone standing near her now and she knows who that someone is *

Wanda~*her voice is calm * please tell me exactly what happened with the two sex demons Mel .

Mel~*she can feel words stuck in her throat , unable to speak for a moment , then in a small voice says honestly * I … don’t know how it happened , I only remember waking up with a bottle of wine in my hand and I was naked . Trixie was next to me and V on the other side , they said we had sex together . I don’t remember it completely , except now I am getting flashes of memory about it , a lot of it is fuzzy .

Wanda~*reaches out and touches Mel’s shoulder * they are sex demons Mel , by nature they will lead others to encounters with themselves , it is not entirely your fault , it is not easy to resist the pull of a night of ecstasy with two of their kind , but I do know they require consent , also I spoke with V and she told me that you gave such consent , she also told me something else ,that you admitted under their influence , that you needed them to help you , because your sexual needs have reached a critical point . *chuckles a bit * although they put it less eloquently *her voice remains calm and warm * Why did you not tell me of this issue ?

Mel~*her eyes burn with tears that threaten , she tries to find words * I … I … wanted to …

Wanda~*smiles softly * I know it is difficult with my kind , to find sex easy, even with ourselves it is not a casual affair , we use it specifically to reproduce , for us it is not so much about pleasure . If you need more than I can give you , I give my consent for you to seek out the sex demons in your time of need , they told me you were quite “energetic” as they put it , satisfying two sex demons is quite an unusual feat for a human *chuckles a bit and a smirk plays on her lips *you are indeed a very special girl Mel , one I Love and adore so very much .

Wanda~*her voice warm as she touches Mel’s face gently * I want you to be happy because I Love you Mel

Mel~*with tears in her eyes , relief flooding her insides , she feels like the luckiest girl in the world , to have such an understanding and loving partner * I Love you too Wanda , I love you so much


Wow I just adore Wanda , she is so loving and caring and understanding ^_^ . Mel is lucky to have her in her life ❤️