Explanations of what has occurred so far aka filling in the holes of the story

The package contains the bracelet that Darius stole from Divina and gave to Mel to protect her when she accompanied him on his missions to places it would be dangerous for humans to go . He never thought about the consequences of giving such a powerful and dangerous object to a human , though his intentions were good , Mel developed the ability to live longer than most humans because of the power in the bracelet and she found it increased her telekinesis powers tremendously . Divina found out and was determined to take the bracelet from Mel. She ordered Aldon to retrieve it , which he did with the help of a friend . Divina still found Mel an intriguing human , as she was able to harness the power of the bracelet and increase her powers . She found this most impressive and decided to investigate more into Mel and her secrets . She even tracked down the man that had dated Mel . His life being very destitute after losing Mel .but Divina knew he must know something about this girl so of course she had to question him . He told an intriguing story about his first encounter with the girl Mel . Divina , intrigued decides to learn as much as she can about her intriguing guest .

Divina after getting the answers she wanted from the man , she decided to have the bracelet sent to the underworld to be kept safe , for if it were destroyed or stolen , it could mean the death of the one it bonded magically with , Mel and she could not give it back to her , because it’s power is far to great for a human , this might destroy her as well , so she did what she thought was best .

When it was stolen from the page boy Casimir , who Divina had hired to take it to the underworld , she decided to send Kurai and Aldon to investigate and discover who had taken it , hopefully they can retrieve it before its to late … they just have to find Casimir , who has gone underground after failing his job because the package was taken from him…