(13)Explanations and a solution

  • Darius~*as soon as they are out of the portal , he turns to Mel , he says calmly * I’m going to take you to my home , Wanda is there , I will explain everything when we get there I promise 
  • Mel~*nods at him , her arms wrapped around herself , trying to keep the calm inside her and not let the panic creeping on the edges of her mind to over take her * 
  • Darius ~*vanishes with her to his home , the door opening for them both as they arrive , he leads her gently inside , his home is very warm and inviting , a fire lit in the library to the left is crackling merrily in the hearth , he leads her into this room *
  • Mel~*still in somewhat of a daze follows him , out of the corner of her eyes she sees Wanda , she feels her insides light up and she forgets almost where she was just taken from , she runs to her and hugs her so tight * Wanda ! 
  • Wanda ~*wraps her arms around her , smiling brightly , she keeps her so close * Mel , I am so happy you were freed , we were not certain how to get you out , how did you escape ?
  • Mel~*doesn’t want to talk about that right now , she just wants this hug , this moment , just to feel normal for once in such a long time * 
  • Darius ~*smiles at them both warmly, he gives them several more moments before saying gently * ladies , if you would please have a seat , there are many things we need to discuss 
  • Wanda ~*looks into Mel’s eyes , touches her face gently , whispers to her * why don’t we sit together 
  • Mel~*smiles and her cheeks flush , she says quietly * I would like that .. 
  • Wanda ~*sits down and pulls Mel next to her , putting her arm around her , keeping her close * 
  • Darius ~*nods , satisfied that they are both now listening * 
  • I suppose I should start by explaining about the bracelet , what it was , how it came to be and how i decided to give it to you Miss Mel . 
  • The bracelet was created at a party , one Divina was giving. , there was much drinking involved and I included , along with the other supernatural beings there , decided to create something powerful , it was a game really and Divina was the one who contributed  the most to its coming to be . It was never intended to leave her house , it was going to be destroyed , but I in my very befuddled mind thought , what a waste , I could make use of such an object , so when it came time to dispose of it , I made sure that it vanished , everyone thought it had been destroyed , so I was free and clear I thought . Until I made the mistake of …and please do not take this wrong Miss Mel ,  I hired a human to be my companion in my work , one that was interested very much in the study of the occult and demons and the like , I needed to protect you Miss Mel , as my work takes me to places humans should not go , the bracelet would do that and very nicely , giving you a supernatural appearance and aura that would fool most other demons into thinking you were one of them . It was working brilliantly until I realized its long term effects , you were becoming partially immortal , you were developing telekinesis , which I believe to this day you already possessed but the Bracelet enhanced it , making itself known ,You were becoming very powerful , much more than any human I had ever known . Unbeknownst to me was something that not even you are aware of , something I must tell you … *he looks at her seriously , choosing his words carefully * you were taken from the human world and conditioned by The Eternal Realm  to be a weapon against their rival the cloud kingdom , you were going to be sent there to infiltrate and destroy , but They had not counted on the kindness of the cloud kingdom , who took you in and suppressed your powers and sent you back to the human realm to live a normal life, once they had found out about The eternal realms  plan . I’m afraid I rather unsettled things when I gave you that bracelet , it started a chain reaction which you are now feeling and I apologize for that , I felt it was my duty to set things right again. So I came and took you away from Horatio , it was much easier than I had thought because you yourself were clever enough to escape . I hope you can forgive me for inadvertently putting you through all this . I humbly ask for your forgiveness .
  • Mel~*looks at Wanda , she has been squeezing her hand during Darius’s story , she looks stressed and about to cry , her hands trembling *
  • Wanda ~*looks deep into Mel’s eyes , her hand stroking the side of Mel’s face gently , her voice soothing and calm * you are safe now , everything is going to be alright 
  • Mel~*a tear escapes , she moves closer to Wanda and wraps her arms around her , so grateful for her , she loves her so much , she needs her so badly right now , she holds tight to her like a life line * 
  • Darius~*sighs softly , feeling badly that his explanation upset her so much , he lets the two have their time , he needs to think now what to do next, then he remembers something he needs to tell Wanda , maybe this would be a good time to bring it up , he clears his throat gently * I may have some potentially uplifting news to share with you both .. it’s about your people Wanda , I have managed to find them , with the help of a trusted friend 
  • Wanda ~*keeps tight hold of Mel and asks Darius quietly * I am pleased to hear this , but why tell me now , we have much more important things to deal with 
  • Darius ~*nods and says gently * yes of course , but you both will be staying there , while i figure out what needs to be done next .
  • Wanda ~*nods * yes it will be a protected community *says softly now to Mel * we will be safe there, are you alright with going  ?
  • Mel~*nods , not speaking , just continuing to hold onto Wanda , normally she would be delighted to go to Wanda’s people’s home , so she is a mixture of both excitement and trepidation * 
  • Darius ~*nods * wonderful , I will arrange for both of you to be taken there 


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