Discussions & Quiet replies

Darius~*approaches Mel , places a fatherly hand on her shoulder and says gently * Mel we need to talk

Mel~*sits down in the large red armchair at Darius’s suggestion , holds the black cat protectively in her arms *

Darius~*sighs softly and then asks gently * Mel is there anything you should tell me ?

Mel~*shakes her head after a moment , remembering her promise and says quietly * no

Darius~*sighs once more , but continues to speak gently * if there is ever anything you need to tell me , I am here for you.

Mel~*nods but doesn’t say anything , just strokes the cat , not looking at Darius*

Darius~*watches her with concern , he can sense something is going on , but he doesn’t voice his suspicions, instead he changes the subject * also , I know Darkus has gone to speak with Wanda about you visiting , if you are allowed then I will permit it , as long as you take one of my carriages

Mel~*nods and says softly * yes sir , I will

Darius~*speaks gently * I think of you as my daughter Mel , I just want you to be safe .

Mel~*says softly * Thank you Darius


This was a kind of tie together part and something that has been playing in my head

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