Horatio~*stands at the top where Mel leapt from and has a look of satisfaction on his face , his plan is working perfectly , this is the one he has been looking for , she will be perfect if he can convince her . He turns and walks away from the damaged wall and back into the other room *

Lavinia ~*looks at him curiously * so ?

Horatio~*looks at her , his eyes flashing with delight , he says in a satisfied voice * she is perfect. *he walks out of the room looking smug again *

Hortensia ~*looks worried and asks Lavinia quietly * … perfect for what ?

Lavinia ~*looks at her and says simply, she knows what Horatio is after * .. destruction *she doesn’t say this with emotion ,or explain further , her own emotion is hard to read , but if one were to guess , one would say worry was in her expression *
*as soon as Mel lands on the ground a hand grabs her arm , she startles , panicking at first , then sees who it is , she knows him , he is the one who she was working for , he gave her the bracelet , how did he get here ? She doesn’t even ask , she trusts him , so relieved to see someone familiar *

Darius~*tugs on her to hurry* come on Mel , let’s get you out of here

Mel~*nods and hurries with him , then stops and says in a panic * but what about Wanda , she is still in there

Darius ~*assures her quickly * I already got her out , now come on , I found a portal but it’s not going to last much longer … *he hurries her towards the foggy wooded area , leads her quickly through the fog and then the portal appears before them , glittering like a black midnight , he nods at her * lets get you home .. *he pulls her towards the portal *

Mel~*feels like she is in a whirlwind , the power that is coursing through her is almost painful and the way she broke out of that place , so many thoughts going through her head , what happened to cause it ?, what’s going on and why is Darius here? , so many questions are going though her mind right now , why her ? Why is this all happening ?, she stumbles a bit following Darius, she hears the humming of the portal even before she sees it , she can feel the power emanating out from it , her body feels like it is humming with it , she almost feels a part of it , she walks towards it slowly *

Darius~*speaks gently to her , knowing full well she is unstable right now * just breathe , if you calm your emotions , your powers will calm as well .

Mel~*hears him and closes her eyes , tries very hard to calm the banging of her heart and the swirling mess that is her mind .she breathes in deeply and lets it out slowly , she feels the humming lessen ,until it is just a slight feeling in the back of her mind , she opens her eyes slowly , asks softly * .. I … I don’t understand what’s going on … *her eyes beg him to tell her *

Darius ~*has a serious expression but his voice is kind * yes I am sure this is quite confusing , I will explain everything when I get you to safety , now come with me and stay calm *pulls her gently through the portal *

Mel~*follows him obediently, so eager for answers , ever since the “dream” and going to Divina’s she has wondered why now , why her , she knows she can shift from place to place , it was a secret she has kept for so long ,she knows she has telekinesis now , she remembers why they took the bracelet , but why is all this happening to her , life was almost peaceful before Darius offered her that job , she only took it to keep herself busy , where did she see the ad ? On that strange book shops window wasn’t it ? , she didn’t know he was a supernatural , a demon that needed a helper, to accompany him to the underworld on his business trips , he gave her the bracelet to protect her , but for her it kick started something that should never have been , now everything is a mess and so confusing *

to be continued…


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