Darius, the Succubus and the perfect Apple 🍎

V~*smirks and asks with an attitude * what do you want here Darius Dark

Darius~*looks at this woman , he of course has heard of her , she has quite a reputation , though somehow she manages to stay just under the radar , he heard she has Margo , from a reliable source , he tries to keep his voice calm * I know you have Margo , I want to see her

V~*regards him for a moment and then says nonchalantly * how interesting …*she says in a steady voice , a small smirk on her lips * Margo , come and sit down *Margo walks in and sits down in the chair , she seems calm *

Darius ~*looks at Margo , a pang of sadness enters his heart , how could he have let this happen , let Margo fall into a Succubus’s hands , he walks to her and kneels down in front of her *

Darius~*touches her arm gently , his voice gentle * please my dear child, come home with me , it’s not safe here .

Margo~*looks at him almost blankly , she says quietly after a moment * but I like it here , she makes me feel …. *she blushes slightly * … things I have never felt before

Darius~*he says quietly and as calmly as he can * she is not safe my dear child, please , I implore you to accompany me back to my home *the tone in his voice , tinged with desperation *

V~*leaps down off the chair arm easily and quietly and saunters over to stand next to Margo , she says with a smirk * what’s the matter Dark boy , can’t get the girl to go ? How interesting , I have always heard that you were charming

Darius~*glares at her , his voice a bit harsher now , he knows he cannot force Margo as long as she wants to stay here * You know she is in danger with you , I know of your kind , you will kill her after you have had your fun

V~*leans forward and says in a steady calm voice , her eyes flashing at him* you know little of me or my kind , yes I could kill her , but I will not .

Margo~*has gotten down off the chair and has now sat on V’s lap , says softly as she now clings to V* I want to stay with miss V .

Darius~*sighs and says quietly, his eyes flash a bit at V * you win for now V , you better take good care of her .*he pauses and then says almost threateningly * this isn’t over * he then turns and leaves *

*they both watch as he leaves *

V~*says under her breath * Maybe not Dark boy , maybe not ….*her eyes flash and she mumbles something to herself under her breath*


Should Margo go back to Darius ? Is she safe with V?

If you are in my FB page group and you have read all of Margo and the Mysterious woman , I would like to know your opinion . Should she go to Darius ? Or stay with V ? Do you think she is safe with her ? Would she be better off with Darius?

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If you have not read Margo and the Mysterious woman and you would like to , this link has the chapter links on it .and to be fair I added Margo’s story link , to see When she first meets Darius



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