(23)Courage, an old book and the girl in the library

Mel~*wakes with a start , saying a name as if someone whispered it to her , her voice repeats it quietly *…Margo… *she doesn’t know why but it’s a familiar name to her , but why ? She rubs her fingers on her forehead trying to think , who is Margo , why did I just hear her name in my mind , she quickly looks around the room to see if Wanda is nearby , she doesn’t see her and feels a slight bit of panic , she grips the blankets close to her and then with a look of determination she tosses the covers aside , slides off the bed , slips on her clothes and shoes and hurries to find Wanda, she opens the door and enters the main part of the cottage , she panics more when she sees no one in the cottage , she can’t help but say out loud in a voice tinged with quiet panic * W..Wanda ? *she wraps her arms around herself , she goes to the door of the cottage and opens it , she peers outside and jumps slightly when she sees a Gargoyle on guard duty , she asks quickly , trying to keep the panic from making her voice tremble * can you tell me where Wanda is ?

*the Gargoyle looks at her and nods, in a deep but kind voice he says * she asked me to guard you , she will return soon , she said you should not worry and if you should need anything I am to do as you ask , i am Gurdor and I will be at your service miss Mel *he bows his head to her, he is muscular and grey , clearly able to protect her from dangers should they come*

Mel~*tries to smile as her heart calms a bit , she will try not to worry , but she wonders where Wanda could have gone and why she isn’t being told where she went , she says quietly * .. thank you .. *she steps back into the house , trying very hard to keep her eyes from burning with tears , she walks to the sofa and sits down on it , in front of her is a table , she notices a book on it , she is distracted from her worry long enough to pick it up , she looks at the cover , it reveals little , but it is clearly very old, as the leather has cracked along the spine of the book , she slowly opens the front cover , the title is on the inside of the book , it is called Gargoyle History , her mind is instantly focused on the book , she leans back on the sofa and turns to the first page and begins to read , her finger tracing each word , entranced by the knowledge , maybe Wanda left it here to distract her in just this way , she knows Mel all to well and this is working like a charm *


Wanda~*has made her way to Darius’s house after receiving his urgent summons , she had to take the long way , because he didn’t want her followed , but he said it was urgent and involves the other girl with unusual powers , she approaches the front door and before she can knock it swings open for her *

Darius~*greets her at the door , very cordially but urgently , for a man that looks a bit frazzled , his voice is surprisingly calm * thank you for coming Wanda , I wouldn’t have called you away from your charge if I didn’t think this most important , but as I said in my message i was only recently made aware of the other girl , she is seemingly ordinary , she has no knowledge of our world , it seems perhaps her memory was altered in several ways , but she seems to trust me now , even though she knows what I am , she is also still in somewhat of a stage of disbelief , I found her on a beach where I was told she would be

Wanda~*asks him curiously * I see , but what do you need me to do for you Darius ? As she seems to be doing quite well under your care

Darius~*he looks at her seriously and says in a low voice as if he is afraid someone might over hear him * I need you to take her back to your realm , I am being hunted and I am in hiding here , this house is not an altogether safe place for her . Will you take her back with you , I will send a few of my shadow guards to shield you both

Wanda~*raises an eyebrow at him *yes of course , but in your letter you said we must move quickly , isn’t this an unnecessary step?

Darius~*looks more frazzled as he answers her , his voice still surprisingly calm * no , because steps must be taken , this is not going to be an easy thing , yes urgency is required , but also plans must be made , I know what must be done , but I must also assure both girls will be kept safe after it is done , I will arrive in your realm soon, as soon as I am sure it is safe to do so , I will be bringing another with me if they will come , we must make a plan quickly and then when it is decided , we will move to destroy Horatio and his followers , so that they can no longer harm the innocent Cloud kingdom or indeed any other innocents again *he speaks with a fevered passion *

Wanda~*nods and says in agreement * yes that seems the logical and intelligent way to handle this , I will bring Margo to my realm and keep her there safe and sound until the right plan can be made

Darius~*looks at her so gratefully *thank you Wanda , I know she will be safe in your hands

Wanda~*nods and asks * where is the Girl Now?

Darius~*he answers her gently * she is in the library , she has been reading and learning *he can’t help but smile * I have become quite fond of her *he indicates a door just before them * this is the library *he motions for her to follow him , he slowly opens the door *

*inside the library a girl with long straight black hair ,wearing an alice in wonderland type dress , is seated in a large armchair , one leg tucked comfortably under her , one pale finger tracing the words inside the book she is holding on her lap *


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