Are you my mommy ?

Melly~*climbs up into the chair that MeliB is sitting in , her kitty friend jumping up beside her , she asks softly * excuse me please miss MeliB ,but are you my mommy , cause you look like my mommy and Mel said no one died cause that’s what the moderator said , so you has to be my mommy right ?

MeliB~*laughs a bit but smiles * I don’t know kid , maybe

Melly~*her little eyes light up , she smiles brightly , climbs into MeliB’s lap * I’m sure you are my mommy ! You have to be we gots the same hair !

MeliB~*cant help but smile just a little again* ya kid , but I have brown eyes , you have blue

Melly~*shrugs * buts that’s ok right ? You can still be my mommy ?

MeliB~*bites her lip and then reaches up , taking something out of her eyes, they were brown contacts * ok kid you got me , I have blue eyes too , I’m your mom , but we have got to keep it a secret for now ok , don’t tell your dad that I’m here

Melly~*looks at her curiously and then smiles * ok we can surprise daddy later *giggles and hugs Her mom *

MeliB~*bites her lip again and thinks to herself , talking to Anthony is the last thing she wants to do ,because it’s going to be hella hard to explain without hurting his feelings , she feels strange thinking that way , she has been so tough and guarded for so long now , she doesn’t know how to be completely decent to anyone anymore *


Just thought this was an interesting twist lol I just adore difficult story lines 😅 I love being challenged by them xD