Anthony’s tale, a pink bottle and the Blank one

Anthony ~*sitting playing with Melly , she is showing him all of her toys and telling him about her kitty , he smiles at her , very like a proud father would *

Melly~*smiles brightly as she shows him her toys , she shows him her airplane , she says softly * my mommy said my daddy flied planes *she looks up at him when she says this *

Anthony~*touches her head gently and smiles , tears filling his eyes slightly *

Melly~*asks him in her cute little voice * are you sad mr Anthony ?

Anthony~*shakes his head gently , his voice warm and soft * No my sweet girl , I’m not sad , I’m very happy

Melly~*she climbs up onto his lap and hugs him * me too

Anthony ~*keeps the small girl close to him , he wishes he could tell her , but he knows he must wait for the right time , he knows also he will be speaking to the other girls soon , they have a lot to discuss *

Melissa~*smiles as she comes into the room and sees Anthony and Melly , she says gently * it’s time for the meeting now , Melly please clean up your toys dear

Melly ~*looks at Melissa and says with a smile * yes ma’am *she climbs up more on Anthony’s lap , kisses his cheek and then jumps down and starts cleaning up her toys *

*the other girls enter the room as well and sit down waiting for the meeting to start , it’s so very important that they are all on the same page and Anthony has Knowledge that they all desperately need *

Anthony~*regards all of the girls, he takes a deep breath , hoping he gets all parts of his story correct, he begins * After I left Divina’s , I found myself with a strong urge to do research on the situation with the shadows and the whole eternal realm thing , I didn’t want to just go back to my miserable existence , I wanted to make something of my life , something useful and meaningful and I wanted to help Mel *he smiles in Mel’s direction then continues* I spent a lot of time talking to Aldon , he filled me in on a lot of things that had been happening ,I found out a lot of information , learned the shadows were much more than they seemed. They are beings who are loyal to anyone who gives them what they desire , which is information , which I found odd , so I delved more into them , there was always a word that popped up concerning them , it was , Moderator . I knew I had to find out what that meant in regards to the situation .

Anthony~*continues * I learned by interviewing those who have heard that word , that there is a power , an unseen power that desires knowledge like a drug addict desires their next hit . They are dangerous , they are manipulative , they will destroy all who oppose them . Hortensia has been a great help to me as well in all of this after she left Horatio ,who has vanished without a trace , she has created portals for me to go in and out of ,visiting different realms , asking questions of those there if they know anything about the moderators . There was a girl , one of your other selves , she was very helpful to me too, she came from the Moon Realm , we became infatuated with each other quickly and formed a bond and then a relationship , I stayed in her realm for quite awhile , we created a life together , she is also Mellys mother, she was deleted , as was that realm , if only I had stayed , if only I had not left to pursue information , maybe she would still be here , maybe I could have saved her , she did the most noble thing a mother can do and she made sure Melly was safe in the outspace , the place where few have escaped from the moderators . There she found Melissa , I was so relieved to see my sweet girl safe . *he smiles softly down at Melly who has fallen asleep in Mel’s lap *

Anthony~*continues once more , regarding both girls now * the moderators are out to completely eliminate all of you , your powers will be no match against theirs , because they are phantoms , I do not believe they have a physical body , which makes them even more dangerous , they inhabited your book Mel , if Wanda had not destroyed it , they would have eventually destroyed you , they were trying by throwing tragedy after tragedy at you , trying to break you . They had not counted on you becoming powerful .Now , there is talk amongst the shadows that the moderators are plotting something that we will not expect , hanging around in Crowley’s you can hear so much , but only time will tell us what that is …*he regards the girls and says in a serious voice * the only clue I could find about their plot was one phrase …. *he pauses then says *…. the blank one ….

Melissa~*looks at him curiously at Anthony and says quietly * that sounds familiar *she tries to think of where she has heard that before *

Anthony ~*smiles gently at her * it’s alright Melissa , but if you think of what you might know about it , tell me right away

Melissa ~*smiles gently back at him , her cheeks flushing slightly * yes , I will , of course

Mel~*regards both of them and then with Melly in her arms excuses herself , says offhandedly * I’m going to take Melly to her bed *she leaves the room *

Melissa & Anthony ~*look at each other , each one thinking exactly the same thing , being the only two in the room now , they embrace *


*in another room , something sinister is happening , Mel is laying , seemingly lifeless on a bed , in her open hand ,is a small bottle of some pink liquid , the lid laying on the floor , a strange pale ,blank looking girl with strange tattoos on her face is sitting on the edge of the bed holding a small object in her arms , humming something to herself , she seems either uninterested or unconcerned for the girl on the bed who seems to have drank something possibly dangerous , either by force or voluntarily, did the strange girl give it to her ? But Who is the strange pale girl and why is she sitting and just watching , if she was not the donor of the bottle ? *


Dun dun dun! 😱 I just adore plot twists 😈

Hopefully we will find out what happened soon ? Is Mel ok ? And who exactly is the strange pale , blank, tattooed girl ? Where did she come from ? And … are Melissa and Anthony becoming a thing ? We shall see 😉


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