An Audience with the Devil 👿

V~*enters the room where Melissa and Mel are and smirks * my , my , there are two of you , how interesting *looks at how upset Mel is and asks curiously * but what do we have here ? Why the tears beautiful ?

Melissa ~*answers V gently but firmly * she just found out she was deleted from one of her favorite realms , one she loved very much and she lost someone very important to her

V~*speaks gently * well I am very sorry to hear that , but I do have some good news , Lucifer himself said he will see you and help you find your Wanda

Melissa ~*says gratefully* oh thats wonderful !!

Mel~*whispers softly next to Melissa , still very upset, but so grateful she didn’t also lose Wanda , there is hope * thank you V

V~No problem dear *then looks at the girls * hmmm , it seems we have a visitor , counts * 1 *points at Melissa *

2 *points at Mel *

3! *points at Melly on the floor hugging Mel’s leg *

V~*smirks * hmmm , how intriguing , How many of you are there ?

Melissa ~there are 4 of us , we have yet to discover the location of the 4th , but we are all that’s left of us from any realm , all others were destroyed .

V~*says sympathetically but also a smirk plays on her lips as she speaks * oh that’s terrible dear , but if you all need a place to stay when you find your Wanda , please know you are always welcome here

Melissa ~*smiles softly * thank you V , we will certainly consider it , but we were thinking Mel could use her skills in building portals and realms to make us one of our own , you would be welcome to visit us if you wish to V

V~*smirks and gives a soft chuckle * Oh! That would be my pleasure dear , very much, my pleasure *smiles* now let’s get you to the underworld , Lord Lucifer is waiting to see you , I got you an appointment with him my lovelies *winks *

V~*indicating a man that has just appeared * this is Tracker, he will take you to your appointment , he is a good friend of mine

*the girls look at the man , he is familiar to them somehow , but they cannot think of his name *

Tracker~*bows to them*it will be my pleasure to lead you to the underworld ladies

Melissa~*says gently * thank you sir , we are very grateful

Tracker~*smiles * we should get started ,I will take us to the entrance , we are not allowed to simply appear before Lord Lucifer , so I’m afraid I can only take us to the entrance to the underworld , it’s near a place called Crowley’s pub . Crowely will be the one meeting you there .

*they all appear near the entrance to the underworld , a very garish man in a plaid suit , holding a drink in his hands is waiting presumably to greet them *

Aleister ~*smiles * I am here to escort you ladies to Lord Lucifer , he is waiting for you , you must be pretty special to get an audience with him , he doesn’t usually see anyone on such short notice *winks *

Melissa~we are very grateful sir , thank you

Aleister ~*smiles and snaps his fingers *

*at the snap of Aleister’s fingers , the girls are now standing in front of Lord Lucifer himself , a black cat laying beside him on a large red armchair, a young girl with black hair and startling eyes sits beside him holding a voodoo doll, she is silent and does not even look at them *

Lucifer ~*drink in hand smiles at them * What can I do for you ladies ?

Melissa~*says softly and respectfully * if you please sir , we wish to find our friend Wanda , she came here to preform a noble task , but has not come back , we believe she may be lost in the underworld

Lucifer~*smirks but his voice is kind * hmmm , how very interesting , I will have someone find her right away

*while they speak , Melly wriggles to get down and runs to the black kitty , she says in her cute soft voice * My kitty !

Lucifer ~*smiles and lifts the small girl into his lap * oh so you have met my golden eyed friend have you little one , she spoke to me of a small friend she made .

Melly ~*smiles *yes she is my friend , she brings me special things , she brought me a pretty marble , but Melissa said I couldn’t bring it here cause I might lose it

Lucifer ~*chuckles warmly* yes , she is quite a clever cat , hold onto her gifts , they may come in handy one day

Melly ~*smiles brightly * I will mr Lucifer , I promise

*he holds Melly up and Mel takes her into her arms *

Mel~*speaks softly * thank you Lord Lucifer for your kindness to us

Melly ~*reaches out for the cat * my kitty !

Lucifer ~*smiles at her * she can’t go with you now little one , she has work to do , but you will see her soon I promise you *winks at Melly *

Melly~*smiles brightly * ok!

Lucifer~*says to them all * ladies if you would be so kind as to find Aleister once more , he will see to it that you get home safely and do not worry , Wanda has been found and she will be home when you arrive

*the girls all say softly * Yes Lord Lucifer , and thank you ! We are so very grateful * then they turn to find Aleister to take them home *


Wow this has to be my longest photo story ever 😱 the story just kept developing , it was very time consuming as well 😂 but so much fun to make , hope you all enjoyed it !

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