(4)Aldon, Kurai and the drunk guy + a whole lot of Drama aka pt 4 of Mel ,the witch and the Gargoyle

Aldon ~*is pacing looking irritated by something , mutters to himself * where the hell is that demon , doesn’t he know fashionably late was over an hour ago … *he hears the crunch of leaves and looks up ,he glares and says somewhat harshly * it’s about time Kurai, Divina is going to have both our heads on a platter for being late you know

Kurai~*smirks and laughs wiping his Mouth dramatically , says lightly shrugging * I needed a snack …

Aldon ~*looks at him with disgust , sighs* alright lets get this over with … *he turns and heads towards a regular looking house just beyond them , an overflowing trash can is in the front yard , a rusty car is in the driveway , the house looks deserted , but is actually occupied , but the occupant has not paid the electric bill in months , or indeed any bills , an eviction notice is on the door , he tries the door and it opens with a slight creak , he steps inside , the houses interior is a mess , dirty dishes piled in the sink, what looks and smells like dirty clothes litter the floor , trash overflows in an already full can *

Kurai~*steps in after Aldon and says loudly * what the Hell …*laughs amused * smells like the guy is already dead …

Aldon ~*ignores Kurai and keeps searching through the mess to find the one that Divina wants, suddenly he hears a soft snoring sound coming from one of the doors just beyond them , he approaches it and pushes it open , but he has to push hard because there are piles of things in its way , in the room is a figure , dark hair , shirtless , is only wearing underwear , laying in what was once probably a very nice bed , he looks at the figure with pity , on closer examination the figure is unshaven , his hair is disheveled , clearly this is someone who has fallen on severely hard times *

Kurai~*steps into this room too , says in an amused whisper * Divina wants this loser … shit … I mean look at him …

Aldon ~*glares this time at Kurai, says in an annoyed whisper * could you please rein in your disdain long enough to help me … we need to take him to Divina ..

Kurai~*laughs and crosses his arms defiantly* I’m not touching that … I wouldn’t even kill him …

Aldon ~*kneels down by the man , he pushes back the man’s hair , a strong alcohol smell is coming from the man’s breath , this should be easy , he is very drunk and too drunk to realize what is happening , he hears a clink behind him and turns to see Kurai kicking a beer bottle and then picking it up *

Kurai~*laughs* that bastard is drunk , look at all these bottles , looks like that’s all the guy does , why the hell does Divina want a drunk guy ?

Aldon ~*turns back to the man , feeling sympathy for him , what drove him to this , what would make a man lose himself in alcohol and let his own home become this way , the man is holding something in his arms , he reaches for it , tugging it gently free and turns it over , it is a photo of the man in better days , shaven and well Kept , hair hanging softly around a very pleasant face , deep coppery brown eyes peer out handsomely from under the deep brown strands of hair , standing beside him is a very beautiful girl with straight blonde accented hair , her sea of blue eyes are striking , he knows who that girl is and it now makes sense why Divina wants this man , or at least he knows why she is interested , he shows Kurai * recognize her ?

Kurai~*squints his eyes and looks at the photo , about to make a smart ass remark And then stops and says under his breath * holy shit , it’s her …

Aldon ~*sets the photo down and says to Kurai * come on help me get him dressed , we can’t take him to Divina looking like this

Kurai~*without thinking too much about it as he is in a bit of shock , he snaps his fingers and the man is suddenly dressed , tho still unshaven and very unkempt *

*both the men pick up the man , dragging him effortlessly from the bed ,Kurai grabbing his feet and Aldon under his arms *

Kurai~*laughs * what the hell are we doing , we are fucking supernatural beings , we don’t need to carry his drunk ass all the way to Divina’s *snaps his fingers quickly letting go for a spilt second and they are all 3 transported to Divina’s front steps , the gargoyles eyeing them but do not take action , as they were expected *

*the doors swing open for them and they carry the man inside , Kurai dropping his end almost immediately , leaving Aldon to support the man alone *

Aldon ~*glares at Kurai slightly , supporting the man now the best that he can * where are we suppose to put him *drags the man more inside *

Kurai~*shrugs * how the hell should I know , just drop him on the damn floor .. *flops into an armchair , looking like he owns the place *

Divina ~*appears near the two she sent to do the task and the unconscious man on the floor , still being held up by Aldon , she points one finger at the man and mutters a spell and he rises from the floor , looking very much like he is laying on a hard surface , but there is nothing under him , she looks at the two * thank you gentleman , Kurai I no longer require your services , but I do require yours Aldon , if you would please follow me … *she turns and the unconscious man floats behind her *

Aldon ~*looks at Kurai for just a moment , shrugs and then hurries after Divina *

Kurai~*smirks and laughs * well I guess we know who is the teachers pet ..*he gets up and hurries our the door which opens for him , vanishing as soon as he is outside *

Divina ~*a door opens for her and the floating man follows her , followed by Aldon , she motions for the man to rest on the sofa in this room and he is then magically laid down , she turns to Aldon * I need you to do something for me , I need your expertise

Aldon ~*looks at her curiously * my expertise ?

Divina ~*smirks slightly * you will see .. but for now , I need to question this man … *she pulls up a chair near the man , snaps her fingers and watches as he slowly wakes *

*the man looks around , his eyes wincing , his head pounding from the hangover he is so clearly suffering from , he says in a groggy voice * where am I ?

Divina ~that’s not important young man , what I need from you now are answers to questions … and you will answer them for me , you understand

*the man looks at her and shrugs * I guess …*as his head pounds he lays back , one arm over his eyes * what do you want to ask me

Divina ~*smirks * I want you to tell me everything you know about a girl called Mel

*the man’s breath catches in his throat , he slowly sits up , despite his pounding head , he looks severely at Divina* you leave her alone …

Divina~*smirks * oh I am afraid it is much to late for that , but once again , you are here to answer questions *she snaps her fingers and smirks more as the man sits upright , a blank expression coming over his face * very good , now isn’t that much better , to be cooperative … *stands and paces a bit in front of the man * now tell me , how did you meet her , what were the circumstances ?

*the man says in a steady voice , under Divina’s control * she fell from the sky … into my arms

Divina ~*raises an eyebrow at him * explain what you mean , she fell from the sky? How ?

*the man continues * I am a pilot , I was flying one day , I saw something in the sky , something strange , so I flew a bit nearer to it , it was her , floating as if being held by magic , slowly being lowered to the earth , I quickly landed , trying to get to the place where I could catch her , I was mystified by how this could be possible , was she an angel ? I did not know , but I reached the place and she floated down and I caught her in my arms

Divina ~*listens with interest * very curious ..*taps her chin with her finger , then asks * then what happened ? Did She say anything ?

*the man speaks again * no , she did not wake until I brought her to my house , she didn’t know where she was , all she would say was “it happened again “ and when I asked her what she meant , she said it was nothing … she seemed sad … so I let her stay with me …

Divina ~*listens with interest * I see … how intriguing … yes … *paces tapping her chin again with one long black nailed finger , she snaps her fingers and the man falls back slowly , unconscious once again , her dark eyes glittering in thought , turns to Aldon * come with me ..*she hurries from the room and into the room that Mel and Wanda are in , she says sharply * Wanda , please leave us … *she gives her a look that says , do not challenge me *

Wanda ~*understanding the look nods , but turns to Mel first , looks into her eyes and says gently * be strong , I won’t be far away *touches Mel’s face softly and then hurries from the room *

Mel~*tears fill her eyes at being parted from Wanda so abruptly , she will try to be strong , but that has been something that has been hard for her to be lately *

Divina~*regards Mel for a moment and then asks Aldon * can you tell from someone’s blood , what it contains , or even what type it is , or if it contains unusual properties

Aldon~*nods , he has been trying to perfect his skills in chemistry , coupled with his Vampire nature * fairly accurately I think

Divina~*smirks and says almost delightfully * test hers … *she indicates Mel *

Mel~*almost falls over backwards as she has slowly backed into a chair , her breathing fast and uneven , she doesn’t know what this man is , but Divina said blood , she feels very frightened and she backs herself into the corner of the room *

Aldon~*watches as Divina leaves the room and hears the door close and lock after she does , he turns to Mel , he knows he can over power her , but he does not like this one bit , he never forces anyone and this feels very wrong to him , he speaks gently * I don’t want to hurt you ok, but just let me get what Divina wants and we can both get out of here .. *he walks slowly towards her but stops , noticing her reaction *

Mel~*looks like she might faint , her face is very pale , she can’t seem to summon any of her usual powers , she can’t make anything move to protect herself , she is becoming hysterical with fear *

Aldon~*tried to use his influence to calm her down * it’s alright , I am not going to hurt you … please don’t be afraid … *holds his hand out to her gently , his eyes focused on her , his voice soft as he slowly approaches her , he slips his hand around her arm very gently , the fear she is feeling leaves a heavy scent in the room , he feels so awful doing this , it is not in his nature to take something forcefully from another *

Mel~*her eyes full of tears , chokes out in a scared whisper , she finds she can’t move* what … are you going to … do to me ..

Aldon ~*keeps his voice soft* I am a vampire , Divina wants me to take some of your blood , I will be able to taste the properties and possibly tell her what she wants to know

Mel~*shakes her head violently , says repeatedly * no ! Please don’t ! Please don’t ! Please .. *is completely hysterical *

Aldon ~*moves closer to her , keeping his voice soft * it’s not going to hurt , I promise , just try to relax … *moves his lips to her arm , his sharp vampire teeth sinking into her delicate skin as gently as he can , instantly he receives a rush of information from her blood , things he has never tasted in human blood before , he pulls back and catches her in his arms as she has fainted , he lifts her easily , looking down at her with an awed expression *

*the door to the room clicks open as soon as the deed is done , Wanda rushes in and up to Aldon * lets take her to her room …*looks worriedly at Mel who looks so pale *

Aldon~*follows Wanda , carrying Mel carefully in his arms , he lays her down on a bed that is in the room she led him to , he takes her arm and licks the wound gently , healing it , turns to Wanda says gently * I didn’t want to hurt her or scare her . But we both know That Divina would have found another way ..

Wanda ~*sits beside Mel and takes her hand in hers , nods at Aldon * yes I know …

Aldon~*stands and says somberly * I better go and report what I found

Wanda ~*doesnt seem to care about anything except taking care of Mel , she smoothes her hair back and speaks softly to her , so loving in her touch * you are safe now , no one is going to hurt you anymore , Wanda is here …

Mel~*shifts a bit on the bed , her eyes scrunch and then slowly open , wide at first and then calming instantly when she sees Wanda , she whispers * I was so scared …

Wanda~*smiles gently at her * I know , but it is all over now *gently smoothes her fingers over Mel’s forehead , pushing hair back softly * I’m here

Mel~*snuggles close to Wanda , taking a deep staggering breath and relaxing against her * I Love you Wanda

Wanda ~*smiles softly * I Love you too Mel .


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