A question for Melly

Melissa~*asks Melly softly * Melly , where did you find your black cat Salem ?

Melly~*scratches her head and says in her cute voice * she found me Melissa , she followed me into the outspace where you found me

Melissa~*nods and asks softly * so you don’t know anything else about her Melly ?like a secret?

Melly ~*looks at Melissa and shrugs * I don’t know any secrets , she is just a black kitty *but then remembers something * OH! But she works for Lord Lucifer ! She was with him when we were down in the underworld Remember ?!

Melissa~*raises an eyebrow at this and then remembers * yes , I remember now , she was there , I wonder why ?

Melly~*looks at her oddly and says * but remember , Mr Lucifer said that Salem worked for him

Melissa~*for some reason cannot remember this fact , says under her breath softly * I wonder why I don’t remember that

Melly~*shrugs and says innocently* I don’t know

Melissa~*looks worried about this , she sets Melly down and manages a smile * thank you Melly , you can go and play now

Melly~*smiles and says softly * I wish Salem would come back , I miss her , but maybe she is working *shrugs and then skips off to play *


I wonder when “Salem” will return ? 🤔 something tells me that she isn’t too far away

NOTE: see site #2 for the continuing story