A passed out girl , a black cat and a discussion

Mel~*is sound asleep on the bed in the room that Darius has given her while she stays with him , or maybe it would be more accurate to say she has passed out , someone having covered her at least with a blanket , empty bottles are laying by the bed , one half full bottle is in her hand , a black cat lays on her back looking smug *

Darkus~*appears on the bed with Mel and the cat, observing the scene and shaking his head with disapproval , he looks at the black cat and says in a serious voice * I think you and I need to have a talk

*the cats eyes flash at him and then with a small crack a beautiful woman with black hair and Amber gold eyes appears where the cat was *

Darkus~*looks at the woman with a serious expression * you need to leave Mel alone , you are taking more from her than is safe

#6~*smirks slightly and says with a sultry soft voice * don’t worry Dark boy , she will be fine , she likes to play rough and I am only too happy to oblige , she is a rather insatiable human

Darkus ~*makes a frustrated grunt sound and tries to emphasize his concerns * look , she is already involved with two other Succubus demons and she has been very traumatized lately because she misses her daughter and Wanda , you adding to the mix is not helping , can you just back off a little?

#6~*gives a soft laugh and looks thoughtful for a moment * I suppose , but I can’t help it if she comes looking for me , she likes what I can do for her

*winks playfully *

Darkus~*does not look amused * I get that you need her and I get that she likes what you do , but, Mel doesn’t always know what’s best for herself , it’s why I’m here and I’m not going to let anyone damage her further . If she chooses to be with you , make sure it’s when she can handle it , don’t leave her passed out like this , it’s not good for her

#6~*laughs and shrugs * alright Dark boy , I will do my best

Darkus~*nods satisfied with her reply * thanks , I will be keeping on eye on things

*the cat appears once more on Mel’s back *


Mel I think is so distraught with life that she is spreading herself to thin , choosing to participate in activities that drain her , I wonder if Darkus has any messages from Wanda after visiting her ? 🤔 I guess we shall see soon when Mel is conscious again 😅

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