A cup of coffee can cure most things

Melissa~*steps quietly into the room that Darkus told her Mel was in. She has a look of deep concern on her face , she steps inside and gingerly walks towards the bed , sitting down softly she reaches and pats mel softly on the back, but pulls her hand back quickly when she hears a soft hiss , when her heart calms she remembers that Darkus said there would be a black cat with Mel . She scowls at the cat , remembering what else Darkus told her , she says under her breath to the cat* you have caused a lot of trouble , perhaps you should leave

*the cats eyes flash at her in the darkness , then with a careless flick of its tail it leaps off the bed and saunters off into the darkness *

Melissa~*gazes down at the still unconscious Mel and sighs , she gently pats Mel on the back , she speaks softly * Mel , it’s Melissa , I need to talk to you Dear

Mel~*moans and stirs enough to roll over , fist pressing into her forehead * ughhh …. I feel awful ….

Melissa~*smiles and speaks softly * you will be alright dear , you just need to be more careful

Melissa~*leans in closely and whispers * Darkus has news from Wanda , she wants to see you

Mel~*sits up in a panic * oh no , I can’t see her like this !

Melissa ~*holds up a cup* well let’s drink some coffee and freshen up and then i can take you to see Darkus , he will explain things

Mel~*eagerly takes the cup and drinks the comforting warm coffee, her heart feeling lighter than it has in so long , she wants to see Wanda so badly *

Melissa~*smiles as she watches her , so happy things seem to be going better now and so happy Wanda agreed to see Mel *


Yay! Wanda has agreed to see Mel ! I wonder if she will be bringing their daughter with her ?🤔

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