#6 and her secrets

Mel~*no sooner had she agreed to go somewhere with #6 , she knows they were at Darius’s mansion , in the room she was given there , then , she suddenly finds herself in another place , she feels slightly disoriented , her wrists are bound and everything around her is strange , she says quietly out into the space * where … am I ?

*a voice answers her , it gives an amused chuckle * you are in my special lair dear , no need to be frightened

Mel~*her throat feels dry and she whispers softly * why …. did you bring me here ? *she knows the voice , it is #6 *

*the voice sounds warm , but amused * I’m surprised you don’t know , for you have been marked by my kind many times

Mel~*tries to calm her racing heart , what could #6 mean ? , she quietly asks * what do you mean ?!? What is your kind ?

*she answers with a smirk in her voice * I am many things dear , but one thing you should know very well , would you like me to give you a clue ?

Mel~*is nervous but an excitement is building inside of her as well , one she has felt before , she whispers softly * ….yes…. *no sooner has the last “s” past her lips and she feels herself being pounced on , her eyes gaze up to see #6 pinning her to the feinting couch *

Mel~*gazes up into the amber gold eyes , she knows this feeling , she knows now what #6 is , or at least one of the things , she says softly * I know what you are …

*the ruby lips smile at her seductively , the voice coming from them is soft and sultry * oh , do tell me dear

Mel~*her heart racing from excitement and a slight bit of fear , she whispers two words * …sex demon …

*a laugh can be heard in the room , coming from those ruby lips , the Amber gold eyes stare down at Mel , lips so close to Mel’s, their breath mingles in the space between them* I am impressed dear , you are very perceptive , just as I thought you were *the ruby lips ask seductively * would you like to play a game ?

Mel~*her insides feel a desire to be with this woman , one she felt the first time she gazed into those Golden Amber eyes , she whispers breathlessly , eyes closed * …yes ….*she feels her so close , a very strong need growing painfully inside her .* ….please ….

*the ruby lips press against Mel’s , kissing her deeply and passionately, she whispers seductively between kisses* Tonight you will be mine *she then pulls back from the kiss and smirks * ….but first … *she pulls out a dice and says playfully * the game …

Mel~*so breathless from the kiss they just shared ,cannot even find the breath to ask what kind of game , so she waits breathlessly for whatever is going to happen next *


I couldn’t resist these two together ^^ I just love shaking things up 😈🖤

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