Mel~*laying in a comfy chair where she is staying currently , petting the cat Melly named Salem , she strokes the cats soft fur and says in a quiet voice * oh Salem , my life is such a mess , trouble seems to follow me always

*the cat purrs loudly and then a soft laugh can be heard in the room , it seems to be coming from somewhere nearby ,then suddenly with a small crack , the cat vanishes *

*in the cats place , much to Mel’s surprise and astonishment there is a dark haired woman with golden eyes now sitting on her *

*the woman moves off of Mel and settles beside her, she gives her a sideways, not unfriendly smile and says in a warm sultry voice * oh I don’t think it’s as bad as all that dear , you have so many looking out for you , you are probably the most protected girl in the world .

Mel~*looks at the woman curiously , still in a state of shock at having a woman appear in her lap so suddenly and where is the cat , she can’t find her voice to ask , she just looks at the woman dumbfounded *

*the woman leans close to Mel and smirks slightly , her voice warm and sultry * have you figured out my secret yet ?

Mel~*looks into the woman’s golden eyes and says in a quiet astonished whisper * you were the cat ?

*the woman gently touches Mel’s face * yes dear , I am . I have been by your side for such a long time

Mel~*finally finding her voice again after so many shocking revelations asks quietly* but why have you never shown yourself before now ?

*the woman gives a soft laugh * the Boss wouldn’t allow it I’m afraid . But I was to keep a close eye on you . So I stayed near to do just that .

*the woman gently placed two fingers over Mel’s lips and says softly * you must tell no one , do you understand , at least for now

Mel~*nods *

*the woman touches Mel’s face gently once more and leans close , whispering warmly * it was so very nice speaking to you at last dear , now I must once again become the cat

*and with another sound like a crack , the woman is gone and the cat appears once again *

Mel~*whispers as much to herself as to the cat * I forgot to ask you your name

*a whisper comes to Mel’s ears , saying softly * I am #6 *with that statement the cat’s eyes flash *

Mel~*whispers to the cat * I promise I will keep your secret

*the cat looks pleased and gives a warm

Meow and begins to purr loudly *


Hope you all enjoyed my introduction of Number 6 ^^ she is going to be fun to write for , can’t wait to learn more of her secrets ^^;;

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