(25)A Wyvern guide , underground tunnels , leaps of faith and Altered space

*the carriage bumps along quickly towards its destination , when it reaches the place , it stops , even the horses understanding the need for cautiousness ,stay very quiet *

Wanda~*peers out the tiny window of the carriage , then she turns to Margo and says gently * we have arrived *smiles kindly at her , moves to open the carriage door and holds her hand out to Margo * come , we must hurry

Margo~*takes a deep breath and then takes Wanda’s hand , follows her out of the carriage , looking nervously at the shadow beings that are hovering over them like a barrier *

Wanda~*notices Margo’s worry and says gently * it’s alright , come let’s get inside the entrance *pulls her gently into the entrance to the cave , when they step inside torches on the stone walls flicker automatically lighting their way , she looks at Margo and smiles encouragingly , squeezes her hand and then begins to lead her down the torch lit tunnel *

*the shadow beings stay at the entrance to the cave , making sure they are not followed , as instructed by Darius *

Margo~*grips Wanda’s hand tightly , her body trembling , she has never been underground before , she doesn’t like the dark , it has always terrified her *

Wanda ~*walks cautiously forward , keeping tight hold of Margo , she stops suddenly as she hears footsteps just ahead of them , she pulls Margo close and says quietly to her * stay very quiet and don’t move

*the footsteps approach closer and into the light steps …. *

Wanda~*breathes a sigh of relief at seeing who it is * Remus … *she walks forward with a terrified Margo in tow and smiles at him * I’m so happy to see you , this is Margo *indicates the terrified girl clinging to her hand *

Remus~*notices how frightened the girl is and kneels down in front of her , his voice warm and friendly * It’s nice to meet you Margo , my name is Remus and I’m going to make sure you and miss Wanda make it safely to the Stone Realm ok

Margo~*cant help but smile softly at him , she sees his dragon like eyes , she shyly nods at him , wanting to ask him what kind of being he is *

Wanda~*looks at Remus incredulously as he stands once more * why didn’t Darius tell me you were meeting us here ?

Remus~*smiles , scratching his head awkwardly * sorry , I mean, I told him we should at least clue you in , but he truly has a thing for secrecy right now and this is too important of a mission to take any chances*he smiles gently at Margo, then looks back to Wanda * so let’s get you two safe alright *winks* come with me *he holds his hand out to Margo *

Margo ~*she takes his hand and still holds onto Wanda , she walks with both of them into the torch lit tunnel, her mind full of questions, trying to distract her mind from her fear of the dark *

Remus~*leads the two of them through the dimly lit tunnels , they don’t get very far when he stops suddenly ,his Wyvern eyes catch sight of a problem , he looks at Wanda , he sees she has also noticed the problem , he turns to Margo and says gently * Margo I need you to do something for me

Margo~*looks up at him and says softly * yes mr Remus ? What is it ?

Remus~*smiles gently * I want you to hang on tight to me , tighter than you have ever held on to anyone , ok ? And close your eyes very tight as well

Margo~*looks at him for a moment and then nods , she grabs hold of him and presses her face against him , holding so tight to him*

Remus~*takes a few steps back as soon as he is sure Margo is holding on tight enough , he runs as fast as he can and leaps effortlessly across the deep hole that had appeared in their path , he lands easily on the other side and then says to Margo * alright , you can let go now , it’s safe

Margo~*opens one eye and then slowly lets go , her eyes wide as she sees Wanda , deep black wings that shine and catch the light of the torches , flying across the giant hole that she and Remus just jumped across , she says in an awed whisper watching her * wow

Wanda ~*lands easily next to them both, her wings tucking away once again and smiles * well that was fun . *she takes Margo’s hand and says to Remus * shall we move on ?

Remus~*nods and begins to lead them once again through the dimly lit tunnels *

Margo~*looks at Wanda from the corner of her eyes , almost as if she wants to ask her something , then changes her mind and looks forward *

Remus~*sees a light just ahead of them , brighter than the torches that have been lighting their way , he walks with them towards it , two gargoyles standing near the entrance to a stone archway, large brightly lit torches on either side of them ,he does just as Darius instructed , he bows to them * I have brought the human and one of your own kind , please allow us to enter the Stone Realm to keep the humans safe

Wanda~*approaches and bows as well * I am Wanda of the Stone Realm , please let us pass * she makes a motion with her hands , a secret symbol that all Gargoyles know *

*the two Gargoyles move back to let them pass *

Wanda~*looks at Remus and Margo and smiles encouragingly * alright lets go , we are safe now

Margo~*holds tight to Wanda’s and Remus’s hands , she looks around as they enter the Stone Realm , she jumps slightly when she hears a heavy stone door bang closed behind them *

Wanda~*pats Margo on the arm gently, she looks at Remus * are you staying here with us ?

Remus~*nods* yes , that’s the plan , Darius and Aldon will be meeting us here later , provided the entrance we just came through is still secure

Wanda~*nods at him and as Remus let’s go of Margo , she pulls her close * alright , I’m going to take Margo with me , you should go and speak to the council , let them know what’s going on *hopes Mel has not been worrying to much , she leads Margo down the stone path and up to the stone cottage , she opens the door and leads Margo inside * Mel ? *she looks around for her *

Margo~*when Wanda says Mel’s name , instantly she whispers that name * Mel * and the whisper seems to hang in the air *

Mel~*not hearing Wanda as she came in with Margo , but she hears her name whispered as if it were whispered right into her mind , she moves from the room she was in to the main room , she feels as if she were moving in a dream , a girl with long straight black hair is here , in the stone cottage , the space around them seems to be hanging suspended , fragments of dust seem to just hang as if frozen in time, she whispers the girls name  *Margo

Margo ~*sees Mel and feels the same thing , the space has shifted around them , then as suddenly as this happens, it stops *

Wanda ~*hurries to Mel and touches her hand , then looks at Margo , she pulls Mel close and asks gently of them both * Mel , Margo , what just happened ?

Mel~*answers Wanda without looking away from Margo *

Margo ~*speaks at the same time as mel*

*both girls together say * the time is near , now that we are together , our purpose is clear , we must destroy the ones who did this to us , for they wish to destroy others

Wanda~*watches this in fascination , she asks gently once more * who has done this to you and who do we need to destroy ?

*both girls together answer , one name * The Clock Master *they link hands *

Wanda~*still holding on to Mel can feel the connection between the two girls as she herself is connected to Mel * where is the clock master ?

*the girls together answer *The Eternal Realm , he controls all there , he knows all there , he is there

Wanda~*not wanting to let go of the connection , but wanting to alert the council , calls out to Gurdor in her mind *

Gurdor~*hurries into the stone cabin as he was still near and guarding the cottage , he sees the two girls and Wanda and asks curiously * what’s going on ?

Wanda~These girls are the only beings in any realm who can take on the Clock master , he must be destroyed before anymore innocent victims fall by his hand , he made a mistake in letting these two be conditioned , girls with their own special innate abilities , enhanced for his benefit to destroy his enemies .now they will be the ones to destroy him *she wonders now if Horatio is a mere victim , controlled somehow by the clockmaster , she says urgently to Gurdor * Let Remus know we must formulate a plan and quickly , before the Clock master can stop us

Gurdor~*regards them all once more then hurries out of the stone cottage *

Wanda~*regards each girl with interest , she tries to reach out to Mel in her mind * “Mel , can you hear me my love ? “

Mel~*answers her softly , just her voice echoing back to Wanda *”yes , I can hear you , we must destroy the Clock master Wanda , he is the one that did this , all of it “

Wanda~*feels relief that Mel is able to communicate on her own , perhaps in only this way for now? *” yes My Love I know , we are going to make sure he is destroyed , we will take you both wherever you instruct us , We are all here to help “

Mel~*smiles and her and Margo release hands *

*both girls stand and look at each other , after several moments they smile softly and say at the same time * I thought you were a dream *then they laugh softly and embrace like sisters *

To be continued ….

Questions to ask.. is Horatio truly the bad guy in all this ? Or is it the Clock Masters evil plan ?and was Horatio conditioned himself to serve the Clock Master , so he would never question him ? 🤔 I guess we shall soon see …


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