(24) Shadow things and Carriage rides

Wanda~*watches the girl in the library for another moment or two and then looks at Darius * I will go and speak with her , I believe I should get to know her before I take her from your house , we will have quite a Journey and it might be a frightening one for her *she then turns before he can speak and steps fully into the library , closing the door behind her *

Margo~*hears the door click closed and she looks up from her book , she startles slightly seeing someone come into the library and hugs the book to herself , her long striped sleeves hanging protectively over her hands ,she watches the woman with the black hair and yellow eyes closely , wondering , like Mr Darius ,if she is something else *

Wanda~*smiles kindly , her voice gentle and warm * hello Margo , my name is Wanda and Mr Darius has asked me to come and see you , is that ok ?

Margo~*regards Wanda for a moment and then nods , says softly * yes

Wanda~*smiles and slowly sits down next to her , looks at the book she is holding * what are you reading ?

Margo~*shows her the cover and says softly * it’s called Supernatural history , I wanted to learn about Mr Darius and others like him .

Wanda~*smiles at her softly * that sounds like a wonderful way to learn .

Margo~*regards Wanda and asks her quietly * are you also something else ? Like in the book ?

Wanda~*smiles kindly and answers honestly * yes , I am , I am a Gargoyle .

Margo~*looks at her curiously and asks* but Miss Wanda , you don’t look like a Gargoyle , you look like a human , like me

Wanda~*smiles and laughs softly * I can change my appearance , it is called transforming , I can shape shift

Margo~*smiles and nods * oh yes I read about that in the book . There are many creatures who can do that *she looks interestedly at Wanda and smiles brightly * I think you make a beautiful human

Wanda~*smiles and laughs softly back at her * well thank you very much Miss Margo , now , can I ask you something ?*when she nods she continues* mr Darius wants you to come with me to my realm , will you come with me ? He feels you will be safer there , as there are some bad people looking for him and he doesn’t want them to find you

Margo~*wrinkles her brows a bit , thinking and then nods and says softly * yes , I will go with you , but will Mr Darius be ok ? *she is clearly worried about him *

Wanda~*says with a soft smile * I’m sure he will be fine *holds out her hand to Margo* we have quite a Journey ahead of us , it will take us underground for a time , but don’t be frightened , I will take care of you and keep you safe and Mr Darius is sending two of his trusted friends to stay with us alright

Margo~*takes Wanda’s hand trustingly and nods and says quietly * ok

Wanda~*leads Margo gently from the library , she sees Darius writing something and says to him * Margo and I will meet you in my realm , please be safe sir

Margo~*lets go of Wanda’s hand and hurries to Darius and hugs him tightly * thank you for everything mr Darius *then she hurries back to Wanda and takes her hand once more *

Darius ~*smiles warmly , he is so touched by Margo’s caring * be safe both of you , there is a carriage waiting and two of my shadows are waiting for you , they will protect you

Wanda~*nods at him and smiles as Margo waves to him and she leads her out of the mansion , the carriage is indeed waiting for them , she leads Margo to it and then helps her into it and climbs up after her , closing the tiny carriage door , she sits next to her and smiles * are you doing alright ?

Margo~*nods but looks a little nervous , says quietly * those shadow things , are they … good ?*she looks worriedly out of the window at one floating near the door * they make me feel afraid

Wanda~*puts her arm around Margo and says gently * the shadows mr Darius is sending with us are good , they work for him , each one has a bracelet and that means they are friendly ok

Margo~*nods and snuggles close to Wanda , feeling safe with her , but her eyes show she isn’t very comfortable with the shadow creatures at all *

Wanda~*keeps Margo close , she knows she is still nervous about the shadows , but she is more worried about the journey , she hopes nothing occurs while she is taking Margo to her realm , she needs to get her there safe so she can protect her and Mel , things are not going to get any easier as things progress, but a respite in the safety of the Stone Realm will be good for all*


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