(22) The Summons

Wanda~*sensing something outside the small stone cottage she is sharing with Mel , she gets up slowly , making her way to one of the cottage windows , she cautiously peers outside , her eyes flash as she sees a shadow like being just outside , her need and desire to protect Mel is so strong , she can feel herself wanting to transform and fight the creature if necessary , she takes a deep breath , not wanting to jump to conclusions , but why else would a shadow creature be here , except that they have discovered that Mel is being kept here , she tries to decide what to do , she knows Mel is helpless right now , because of the Joining ceremony and she needs her rest *

*the shadow creature floats towards the small stone cottage , almost as if it knows who is inside it , a withered hand slips out from under its dark cloak , a bracelet on its wrist and a letter in its hand *

Wanda~*looks more closely at the creature and notices what is on its wrist and what is in its hand , she instantly relaxes , it is one of the shadows that is loyal to Darius and his cause , the bracelet proves that , she moves towards the door and opens it , she steps outside and says with confidence * you have something for me I believe ?

*the shadow creature floats slowly up to her , letter in its outstretched hand , it nods its cloaked head and hisses out its words * yes , it is from Master Darius , it is urgent

Wanda ~*on hearing these words she quickly grabs the letter and tears it open , reading it with a feverish urgency , her eyes scrunching as she reads ,she looks towards the cottage worriedly , then back at the creature * Tell your master , I will join him as soon as I can . *she watches as the shadow creature nods and then floats off the way it came , she turns after it is gone and makes her way back into the stone cottage , closing the door after she is inside , she sits down and reads the letter once more , it reads *

“There is another one , another girl with extraordinary powers , I was just recently made aware of her existence, we must act quickly , Horatio is aware of the other girl and has Sent out his shadow followers to track her , for now I have her safely at my home , I was made aware of her while I have been in hiding , it is only a matter of time until they track her here , we must move quickly , there is no more time for hiding , now is the time for confronting , my only concern is the girl , her name is Margo , she seems to know nothing of our world or the beings in it , or anything about her powers , she thinks they are just a dream , when my maid told her I was a demon she was frightened but also kept repeating “it can’t be “ for she believes we are a myth , a fairy tale , she has been very sheltered her entire life , but also has been kept protected . We must help her release her powers , for her and Miss Mel will be an unstoppable force together , one that can destroy Horatio and his followers . Come soon !

Urgency is a must ,


Wanda~*folds the letter and then walks slowly to the room where Mel is resting , she opens the door slowly , her heart aching with worry , she must protect Mel at all costs , but also knows she and the girl Margo are their only hope of destroying Horatio and his followers from destroying not only their Rival the cloud kingdom , but any other world they desire if they get ahold of either girl again , she sees Mel is resting quietly still and closes the door gently , she knows she will have to wake her soon , but she also knows the task ahead is going to be dangerous , she will need all the strength she has , she will let her rest , she thinks to herself , I will ask Gurdor to guard her while I go to Darius , since urgency is needed , she doesn’t want to wake Mel and upset her , she must move quickly , she hurries back to the main part of the cottage , she goes to the book shelf and takes an old worn leather volume down and sets it on the small table purposefully , then hurries from the cottage to find Gurdor *


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