Interview with a Gargoyle ~

Mel~*sits in a chair across from Wanda , a pen in hand , notebook resting in her lap , she smiles * Wanda are you ready for my questions ?

Wanda ~*smiles and nods * yes I believe so

Mel~*smiles and begins * ok so do Gargoyles have a community ? Where you all live ? Or do you meet somewhere sometimes ?

Wanda ~*smiles * my answer is yes , we gather , but we are so widespread throughout the world and many of us have posts we cannot leave easily , so , our meetings are infrequent , as to a community , I believe there is one , I have not been to it (it’s location is on a need to know basis ) but one does exist I have heard ,generally we are wanderers Mel , it is why I chose my name for you to call me, Wanda , translated roughly means wanderer

Mel~*looks at her curiously , can’t help but ask * isn’t that lonely ?

Wanda ~*smiles softly * not truly, it is in our nature to wander unless we are given a place, such as guarding Divina’s house ,most importantly we are sentinels , we love to guard things

Mel~*nods and writes those things down in her notes * my next question is kind of personal , so forgive me , but do Gargoyles engage in sexual activities ?

Wanda ~*her eyes sparkle almost deviously * hmmm… perhaps

Mel~*looks at her curiously * so if you do , can you procreate ?

Wanda ~*laughs softly * yes Mel , we can , but I think you would find our intimate ways more harsh than a human’s

Mel~*bites the end of her pen in thought * so it’s more aggressive ?

Wanda ~*smiles a crooked smile * perhaps ..

Mel~*smiles and laughs softly * alright I will leave that for now , oh , are gargoyles a type of demon ?

Wanda ~*thinks about this * hmmmm… yes and no , we are a combination of demon, dragon and angel , we are quite complex

Mel~*smiles * wow that’s amazing and can you fly?

Wanda ~*nods * yes indeed we can , I shall take you flying one day , if you wish

Mel~*smiles eagerly* I would love to !

Wanda ~*smiles * anymore questions for me ?

Mel~*bites her pen again and then asks * what do Gargoyles eat ?

Wanda~we can eat anything a living mammal can

Mel~*writes this down * So are Gargoyles male and female or do you not have a gender ?

Wanda ~*smiles * we have gender specifics yes

Mel~*asks one more question , but this one makes her cheeks flush slightly, she couldn’t resist asking * can Gargoyles have sex with humans ? And I mean in your human form ?

Wanda ~*raises an eyebrow* I do not believe a human would find our ways very enjoyable , it would possibly be dangerous ? , I do not know

Mel~*is lost in thoughts about this , she then catches Wanda staring at her and she snaps out of her thoughts, her face flushing again * oh I see … *smiles awkwardly , quickly writing something in her notes *

Wanda ~*smiles at Mel , her eyes sparkling deviously once more *

Mel~ One more question , how long can you stay in your human form ?

Wanda ~*thinks about this * as far as I know , I could stay like this indefinitely , if I wish , it takes a lot of energy to switch between forms and I find the human form quite comfortable

Mel~*smiles softly * I’m glad , that you like your human form I mean , I like it very much too *her cheeks flush slightly * ok one last one for now , do Gargoyles age ?

Wanda ~no , we are untouched by time

Mel~that’s amazing , so how old are you ?

Wanda ~*thinks about this for a moment * hmmm…. I am not certain , I have been on this earth for many centuries I believe , but I cannot be certain of the exact amount , I do not bother with keeping tally of such things

Mel~ok one more question , what are you currently guarding ?

Wanda ~*says gently * you

Mel~*smiles her face flushing * but why me ?

Wanda ~*smiles softly * because I am your sentinel


Mel is always so creative with her questions ^^ and a bit preoccupied with sex lol so of course she has to squeeze in that question 😂 anyways thanks for visiting my blog and reading ! It is most appreciated ❤️