The Mysterious “V”

Read Description below, Links to the story are at the Bottom

“You can Call me “V” , Love “


***Links are at the Bottom *****

Margo and The mysterious woman

***ReAD on if you wish to read the full story ***

****IMPORTANT NOTE ***** this photo story contains love scenes , if you are squeamish about such things , do not proceed lol , I am very proud of how this turned out , if you wish to view it , please enjoy ;D

Also a side note , something that I have not revealed in any of my stories in to much detail , but Margo and Mel are both called Travelers , though I believe I briefly mentioned it in Mel’s story , but anywhoo , Margo and Mel have both been sent out to “learn and experience “ the world , when they have learned all they can in whatever place  they are in , they are sent to another place , the reason for this will be explained in another story , but I thought I should mention it here ,because Margo is incredibly innocent and naive this might be disturbing to some , but she is also wanting to learn and what she learns in this is I think to some degree beautiful , consent is given and Margo learned about something called pleasure .

Hope you like the story , to all those who wish to read it 🙂


Part 1

Part 2

part 3

part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

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