Flash back to the past


I have been for a long time wanting to write this story , Hellebore has been filled with regret for years , as he , during a fit of madness killed his wife and children (little did he know one escaped and has returned ) and before that all of his people , leaving him the last of his kind . If you have known me and my characters on Flickr , you will be familiar with the story of Hellebore and all of the bad things he has done , one HUGE one will be revealed later in this story (though former readers will probably know what needs to be told ) , it is a disturbing revelation , but it must be told . So welcome back all “fans” of Hellebore , here is a tale that is a long time coming . Will Hellebore find forgiveness in his long lost daughter or will she turn away from him ? Only time will tell …

Link for part 1


Below is the Link to part 2


Link to part 3


Link to Part 4



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