Nothing left to lose …(an extra mini drama tale ) Kurai has had an emotional breakdown and Mel was in the way 😱(Little does Kurai know , this is a very dangerous thing )

Kurai~*looks at her , his eyes look angry as if he wants to attack someone and she is the one closest to him during this moment , he swiftly pulls her close to him , she is close enough he can feel her heart beating wildly in her chest *

Mel~*her entire body starting to glow now , she looks panicked , she doesn’t want to hurt anyone , her breathing quickens , her emotions reaching a dangerous level , she tries to warn him * let me go Kurai , I don’t want to kill you , I really don’t … *her voice is emotional ,she is
Very near tears , hair hanging dramatically in her face *

Kurai~*looks at her with disdain , his voice dripping with it * you don’t have the power to kill me human , but I have the power to do what I want with you now, I have nothing left to lose *he pulls her into a dangerous kiss *

*suddenly ,what sounds like an explosion happens , Mel’s body glows so brightly that it lights up the night , Kurai is thrown back from her violently , his body engulfed in a bright light , when he hits a tree , he slumps to the ground , the light fading and he is still *

Mel~* a look of absolute panic comes over her , she doesn’t know what to do , she stands frozen staring at Kurai’s lifeless body *

To be continued ….

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