The proposal

This is part 2 of Mel and Kurai’s conversation ~




a plan or suggestion, especially a formal or written one, put forward for consideration or discussion by others.
synonyms: scheme·plan·[more]

the action of proposing a plan or suggestion.

Kurai~*snaps his fingers and two chairs appear , smiles kindly * why don’t we sit down

Mel~*sits down in the chair that Kurai indicates *

Kurai~*smiles kindly , sensing her uncertainty of what to do * …may I make a proposal to you ?

Mel~*still looks very unsure , she cannot think of anything that she would want from him , her mind is to focused on what has happened every time she has had an encounter with him, but she answers in a quiet voice *… yes .. of course

Kurai~*keeping his voice calm , knowing what she is thinking , he hopes he can help her get over her fears ,he says * … You know , I would very much like to learn more about humans , maybe you could teach me about your kind and I can help you learn more about mine *smiles kindly *

Mel~…me? Teach you ? *looks at him and smiles a bit , her insides still feeling nervous , says in a small voice * … ok …

Kurai~*holds his hand out to her * will you trust me ?

Mel~*timidly but somewhat trustingly , places her hand in His , says softly * … I will try ..


So Mel found an unexpected study buddy out of Kurai , it took a lot of courage to accept his proposal .

We shall see how this plays out 😉