The Apology

Mel~*is walking and reading , studying her new interest in Demonology.*

*She stops suddenly hearing footsteps behind her , her heart races , she turns slowly to see who it is *

*the sight of who she sees makes her drop her book in shock*

*she says in a tremulous voice * no… no .. *she backs slowly away preparing to run if her feet will carry her *

Kurai~*holds up his hand , speaking gently , realizing what kind of terror might be going through Mel’s mind * shhhhh….it’s ok , I’m not going to hurt you , I just want to talk .

Mel~*images of the dungeon and chains , Kurai’s smirk , his red eyes , a sword charging at her , a whip cracking , pain , screaming , darkness and evil laughter fill her mind, despite his words , she does not trust him , he is the one that almost killed her , she has to run , she has to get away , but her feet won’t obey *

Kurai~*kneels down to the ground and retrieves her book *

*he looks at the title , he looks up at her and keeps his voice gentle * .. so you are studying my kind … *smiles kindly and holds out the book for her to take it , hoping somehow this might start to show her , he isn’t going to hurt her * ..that’s admirable ..

Mel~*cant make her body move , she is paralyzed from her fear of him , her eyes burn with tears *

Kurai~*notices she is still very frightened , he stays still kneeled down and says gently and softly* please don’t be afraid , I promise I am not here to hurt you ..

Mel~*with a tear filled voice that she finally found to speak with , she says emotionally * … why … did you .. do it ? ..

Kurai~*continues to stay kneeled and says gently * … it is my nature to be evil , to take what I want , so I did … but I have come to realize , that I was wrong to do what I did to you , for many reasons , so I wanted to make it up to you . Whatever you wish me to do , I will do .. *he bows his head respectfully to her , remaining on his knees *

Mel~*looks taken aback by this , she at first cannot even find her voice , but after a few moments , she says softly * … whatever … I want ?

Kurai~*he speaks gently still , kneeled with head bowed* yes , just speak it and I will do it …


This is a HUGE step for Kurai , to apologize for the torture and fear he put Mel through , hmmmm….I wonder what she will ask him to do ? 🤔 what would you ask a very powerful being for ? One that instead of wanting to hurt you , wants to do something nice for you ? What would you do ? This will probably take a huge amount of courage and trust on Mel’s part , should she trust him ? Would you? If you knew his background , you wouldn’t 😈 ….