The Offer

Hellebore ~*takes a chair next to Anathema and asks kindly and curiously * what did you wish to speak to me about ?

Anathema~*smiles and holds out a bottle of bright pink liquid , a black star adorns the top of the bottle * I wanted to offer you the opportunity to gain your powers back my dear Puka , as you lost your remaining few to an unfortunate encounter with the demon Kurai … here they are if you want them …

Hellebore ~*looks at the bottle , he shows little emotion about what she says it contains , instead in a steady voice he says * I am quite happy as I am my dear Anathema , but I do appreciate your kindness in wanting to help

Me , but with great power comes great responsibility and I do not have the willpower to wield such power anymore , I was pleased when it was taken … because I feel it is justice for what happened to my people ,at my own hand , I do not wish to be responsible for such an act again .. *he tries not to think of his wife and child , who also fell to their deaths at his hand , he has grieved for them since the day he lost control and they were lost * … I wish only to be a simple man , With simple pleasures to hand , which is why I enjoy books , they are my escape and my luxury …

Anathema~*smiles kindly and speaks warmly To him * I respect and admire you for your honesty dear Hellebore ..and your foresight ..


I know a lot of you won’t know Hellebore’s background , but he is what is known as a Puka , he can shape shift at will , he usually chooses a large white rabbit , he is also responsible for, in the past , for the killing of all of his people , he is the last of his kind now , because , Perhaps even more tragic is the loss of his wife and child at his own hands , during a fit of insanity , which he had suffered from for years until he was given a potion to calm his fits . He has since been living a simple life , reading and becoming quite close friends with Mel . He has also recently discovered Anathema’s Rare book store . Who knows with his love of books, those two might just be the perfect couple ;D we shall see …anyone who knows my characters from years ago will see she is very much resembling a certain someone … anyone want to guess who ? … 😉