Just Me and my Dolls

I thought I would start by sharing a bit about myself . My name is Melissa but some call me Mel ,I have a doll collection and in that doll collection I have a host of characters that I would adore to introduce you to . But first a bit about me , I am an average human I guess , just trying to navigate this thing we call life . I work , I like to ride my bike , I have a man in my life that I love very much and am going to marry one day soon 😁. I love to RP and create characters for RP , lots of drama , but some laughs also . But I have had my share of real drama in my life  , cancer for one , something I NEVER thought would happen to me , it’s one of those things that happen to OTHER people right ? , which I have “battled” and beat so far , I truly hope it never comes back . It is a constant fear though , lingering just in the back of my mind like it’s own kind of cancer and it can steal my peace at times . I have found a way though to escape from that worry though , I call it RP .the letters don’t really matter because RP is whatever you make it , but I suppose of the letters did mean something more it could be interpreted RPS , Role Play Story . Which is much more fun to do with a friend than alone . But here in this blog I am going to give it a solo go , because I needed a place where I can come anytime , share a story or two or just talk about my life , who knows , but you would probably like to hear about my dolls more than about me lol and actually I would much rather talk about them anyways xD I tell people about them all the time , at work , when I am out on a photo shoot with them, random strangers , ramble on … you get what I am saying , don’t cha ? 😅

I was mostly inspired to work on something like this from an amazing friend of mine , whose talent and creativity are an art form worthy to behold . She has an amazing dolly blog , also , She has saved me from my life by RPing with me . She is incredible and I love her too pieces ,as well as all of her characters .

So I hope all of you enjoy what you see here , I hope to entertain you through smiles and possibly tears . My dolls and I are here to do what we can to help you escape from life for just a spell 😉

if you want to ask me something , send me a message ^_^ I would love to hear from you !

Thanks for reading !

Sincerely ,

Melissa and her dolls