(20) Surai

*a dark haired woman steps into Crowley’s pub , she has on a very revealing outfit , her devilish red eyes take in the scene at the bar , a smirk plays on her lips as if she were enjoying her own private joke. She spies who she is looking for , she slinks sexily over to the bar , her heels clicking on the hard surface of the pub floor , she can feel some of the pub’s patrons eyes watching her and she likes it , she smoothes her hair back over her shoulder and leans on the bar , she says with a sultry voice * I heard this bar serves the best beer in the underworld ..*slides closer to the man , her eyes looking at him with a glint of something in them * .. can I have a taste ..*she licks her ruby red lips sexily , walking her fingers up the man’s checkered jacket *

Aleister ~*laughs an amused laugh * dammit Kurai, do you honestly think I wouldn’t know it was you …*his eyes flash in amusement as he grasps the woman’s wrist and pulls her close , looking into her eyes* what are you up to?

*the woman gives a sexy pout and stomps her heeled foot , Pulling herself away from him , then leaps up onto the bar , revealing lots of leg , she lays on the bar , cleavage bulging out of her revealing top * Awwww Aleister, very good , but you may call me Surai , you really are more intelligent than I have ever given you credit for and you might thank me for coming here , I have information

Aleister ~*raises an eyebrow and laughs * what the hell kind of information would I want from you ?

Surai~*leans closer to Aleister and whispers into his ears * I know how to defeat the shadows ..

Aleister ~*looks at her with a raised eyebrow and then offers her his hand * come with me .. *he puts on a show for the bar patrons that are watching them and winks at her * I want to show you something

Surai~*takes his hand and leaps down easily from the bar , her heels clicking on the floor as she follows him , she pinches his ass as they walk , either as show for the bar patrons or just to annoy him , they both walk through the beaded curtain that leads to the back of the bar , which is Aleisters apartment *

Aleister ~*grabs Surai forcefully by the arm and drags her to a door, opens it and pulls her strongly inside , slams it closed and locks it , now pinning Surai against the closed door , his eyes bore into hers severely , he says harshly * tell me what you know and then get the hell out of here …

Surai~*looks at him with a smirk and says in her sultry voice * so forceful .. I like it *winks and gives a girlish laugh*

Aleister ~*smirks back and says with a chuckle * you really think you are special don’t you … *leans closer to her and says in a dark whisper, a slight smirk playing on one side of his lips * if you aren’t careful Kurai , I will show you just how special you truly are

Surai~*her eyes defiant , the smirk still in place on the ruby lips * go ahead … I dare you .

Aleister ~*laughs amusedly and lets her go , sits down at his personal bar and pours himself a drink , then turns back to Surai , raises his glass and then takes a long drink * alright , what do you know ?

Surai~*smirks , slinks over to the bar , hops up on one of the bar stools* The Human can destroy the shadows , they were trying to control her , but on her own , she can destroy Horatio and his followers , the shadows don’t stand a chance against her and it’s their fault

Aleister ~*raises an eyebrow once more , his brother Darius needs to have this information , he knows he is in hiding again , he takes another drink * how do I know I can trust you

Surai~*smirks and says silkily* you don’t , but I am telling you the truth , she can destroy them . She just doesn’t realize she can , did you know she blew a hole in the side of their building to get away, while they had her held prisoner ? Did you know Horatio thought she would never get out of the Eternal Realm and now that he realized your brother helped her he wants to kill him , because he knows what she is capable of and he had no time to gain full control over her . Which he had planned to do through manipulation when she escaped the building . He won’t stop until he has her back . If I were you Aleister , I would get involved

Aleister ~*gives a chuckle * why should I , what does it matter if I help or not *he says this more as a statement than a question *

Surai~*shrugs * I thought you cared about your brother and just possibly this world , because if Horatio gets control of that girl again , he can destroy more than just his intended targets , he can destroy us all , including this bar and everyone in it

Aleister ~*sighs and runs his fingers through his red hair , says under his breath * fine , where is the girl now ?

Surai~*says in a low voice * I don’t know , but I know she is in a safe place , I was hoping Darius told you where he took her

Aleister ~*shakes his head * no he didn’t tell me , but I know how to find him ..*thinks to himself , he has to pass that other message on to him anyways, the one from the shadow that visited his bar , he grabs her wrist forcefully once more , speaking severely * you Better NOT be involved with the Shadows Kurai , or I will personally make your life more miserable than it is now

Surai~*looks back into his eyes , not disturbed by his threats , but says honestly * I am not involved with them Aleister , I want to stop them , that is why I am here . *the smallest of smirks tugs at the side of her mouth *

Aleister ~*looks satisfied for now , because he knows Kurai never does anything that doesn’t in some way help himself and nods , releasing her * alright , I will get in touch with My brother . *looks at Surai and has to ask * by the way how do you know all this , where did you get your information ?

Surai~*smirks and laughs * I have my sources just as you do *winks*

Aleister ~*laughs * fine ,keep your secrets , now get the Hell out of here and watch your back *winks and then vanishes behind a dark door at the back of his apartment, it clicks closed after him *


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