(19) The Letter , the shadows and the Joining

Mel~*stands looking out the window of the small stone cottage , she has her arms wrapped around herself , she is very happy here , but she worries about what’s going to happen when she has to leave here . Her hand shakes slightly as she reaches up to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear ,she then feels gentle arms embracing her from behind , she closes her eyes , she knows it is Wanda , she feels soft lips kiss her neck after her hair is softly pushed back , a shiver runs through her , she smiles *

Wanda~*says softly in her ear* remember , we will deal with this together , I’m not going to let anything bad happen to you

Mel~*turns and wraps her arms around Wanda , burying her face on her , so grateful to her , for her companionship , her gentleness and her Love *

Wanda~*wraps her arms tightly around Mel as she does this , holding her close and comfortingly , they both jump slightly as a small winged something crashes into the window , she says softly to Mel * don’t panic , stay here *she lets her go gently and makes her way to the door , opening it slowly , she shakes her head and smiles slightly as she sees a small delivery Gargoyle , one wing slightly bent , picking themself up from the ground *

*the small winged Gargoyle manages to stand , reaches into their bag and grabs a letter , holding it out to Wanda *

Wanda ~*takes the letter , watches for a moment as the small Gargoyle flies away and then steps back into the cottage , she looks at Mel and says softly * it’s a letter from Darius , let’s read it together *holds her hand out to Mel and smiles gently *

Mel~*takes Wanda’s hand , her heart pounding slightly ,sits down with her on the squashy sofa *

Wanda ~*opens the letter and reads it quietly for them both * I wanted to write you both to let you know I have to go into hiding once more , the Shadows are looking for me , somehow they know I helped Mel escape from the Eternal Realm , my brother told me they were at his bar searching . I believe you are both safest in the Stone Realm , please stay put until you hear more from me , do
NOT leave the Stone Realm , it is the safest place right now , for both of you , I cannot stress that enough ! STAY PUT!
*she looks at Mel and says gently, touching her face and looking into her eyes * we are safe here .

Mel~*nods and takes a deep breath , says in a whisper * … for now … *she fears the shadows will find her here , the bracelet becomes very warm as she worries , it keeping her powers in check * …I’m scared…

Wanda ~*says gently * I know .. *pulls her close , in her mind , trying to think of a way to keep Mel distracted from her worries , a slight smirk plays on her lips as she has an idea, one that she feels the time is more than right for ,whispers softly to her , smoothing her hand over her back * I want to take you somewhere *she gently takes Mel’s hand , leads her to the door , walking with her into the dim light of the setting sun , the colors in the sky amber and pink *

Mel~*holds tight to Wanda’s hand and lets her lead her wherever they are going , she notices the colors in the sky , she says softly * it’s so beautiful here *she doesn’t notice right away , but Wanda has pulled her into a small wooded area , so odd because most all other locations are stone . She sees a small stone archway , a door in the middle of it , surrounded by the stones that make the arch , she wonders where they are , she can’t help but ask quietly * where are we ?

Wanda ~*smiles and laughs lightly * you will see .. *winks at her and with a key she had in her pocket , she unlocks the mysterious door , opens it , leads Mel through it , closing it behind them , it’s dark beyond it *

Mel~*lets out a sound of nervous excitement and clings tightly to Wanda’s hand , she can feel suddenly , Wanda’s lips near her ear *

Wanda~*whispers to Mel* I have never brought anyone here before . It’s a very special place . *continues then to lead Mel through the darkness , until they reach another door , which she unlocks and pulls her through *

Mel~*her heart pounding excitedly , she gasps when she is led beyond this door ,her eyes catching the soft lights that now surround them , many glittering black stones line this room , the rock wall behind it , black as slate , the light coming from stones that produce their own lights , she gasps softly * ..wow .. it’s so beautiful

Wanda ~*smiles , her yellow eyes almost glowing in the natural soft light of the stones , she says quietly * this is a sacred place Mel *she pulls her close , gently pressing her against the glittering stone wall , her intense yellow eyes looking into Mel’s sea of blue deeply , her hand stroking Mel’s face softly, she quickly and forcefully presses her lips to Mel’s and kisses her deeply and passionately *

Mel~*her heart beats fast with the excitement at being pressed against the glittering stone wall by Wanda , the sensations coursing through her ,make even her fingertips tingle with anticipation , her breath catches in her chest , she lets out sounds of intense pleasure as she feels Wanda’s forceful kiss , kissing her back with just as much intensity, her hands gripping at Wanda eagerly *

Wanda ~*breathlessly ,while keeping Mel pressed against the wall , she pulls away from the intense kiss and puts her lips close to Mel’s ear and whispers * Do you trust me ?

Mel~*nods and says very breathlessly , her body and mind still reeling from what they just shared * ..yes … always ..

Wanda ~*smirks slightly , her eyes flashing , her dark wings emerge from her back , her eyes glow in the slight darkness of the room , she keeps Mel Pressed against the wall , she speaks gently * this is called The Joining place Mel . *she touches her face softly , smoothing the hair back , her eyes never leaving Mel’s * do you remember at Divina’s when I spoke to you in your mind ?

Mel~*too breathless too speak she nods and listens carefully , she can’t look away from those intense yellow eyes , but she is not afraid *

Wanda ~*smiles softly and continues to speak gently * good , because I will speak to you that way again , but when I do , this time our minds will join , we will become one for a moment , you will not be able to move , but please do not be frightened , You will be able to move again when the ceremony is over ,then the joining will be complete and I will be able to watch over you wherever you are, whenever you need me , I will hear you and I will come to you . *watches Mel’s reactions carefully * Will you allow me to do this ?

Mel~*her mind whirling still , she nods , her body tingling still from desire , her breathing uneven ,curiosity , nervousness , excitement , so many emotions coursing through her right now , but she trusts Wanda and likes very much the thought of being joined with her *

Wanda~*looks deeper into Mel’s eyes , smiling softly at her nod , says softly , eyes glowing brightly * Take a deep breath for me and relax your mind

Mel~*she can feel the intense , deep stare , she tries to take a deep breath but her entire body is tingling from excited nerves, she feels like she can’t breathe *

Wanda~*notices Mel’s nervousness , she smiles gently , voice soft * this is not going to hurt , I promise , relax

Mel~*tries to concentrate on her breathing again , she manages to take slow deep breaths after a moment of concentration, she concentrates on Wanda’s eyes , they seem to sparkle and swirl , then she hears her voice in her mind , warm and familiar ,instantly she feels as if her body is not hers anymore , she feels slight panic at first , but calms again when she hears Wanda’s soft words *

Wanda~*speaks gently into her mind * Good , very good *takes Mel’s hands in hers , linking their fingers together , speaking her next words as a Vow * I am forever your sentinel , if we should ever be separated , call to me and I will come to you , wherever you are and if you cannot call to me , I will come to you , I will know where you are , The Joining is now Complete *she feels Mel fall into her slightly , she holds her close *

Mel~*feels her body become her own again as she falls against Wanda , she feels a calmness spreading over her body , her eyes heavy now , she snuggles against Wanda , feeling comforted by her warm embrace , she can feel herself drifting away , she feels so tired and all worries have left her in this moment *

Wanda~*lifts Mel into her arms and carries her slowly and carefully from the Joining place and back out into the evening air , her wings having folded themselves back , the stars shine brightly in the sky as she carries her back towards the small stone cottage *

*a Gargoyle with a severe looking face and a monocle comes up behind them both ,walks with Wanda as she carries Mel , his long bat like grey wings tucked behind his back , he is very humanlike in appearance , but his entire skin is grey , his body very muscular , a grey lion like tail drags behind him his eyes a stark yellow like Wanda’s , he looks down at the human in her arms with concern and then back at her * you Joined with a human? You know what this means , you are Joined with her eternally , you can never leave her , does she understand the implications .. *he knows Wanda is aware , but he feels the need to emphasize his concerns* ..this is the human with the unusual powers , .. I hope you know what you are doing Wanda … *he looks very concerned *

Wanda~*looks down at Mel as she listens to her fellow Gargoyles words , she knows he is right , but what else could she do , she knew before she took Mel there , to the Joining place, that she wanted to always be with her, to protect her and she knows Mel wants to be with her , even if Mel does not understand completely what just happened in the Joining place . For she has already vowed to protect her until the end of time and they have already engaged in an intimate sharing of their bodies, which is not a requirement for a joining , but an added bonus to those who Join for Love , she would do anything for Mel , even die for her , she doesn’t answer him , but simply nods and carries Mel into the stone cottage , she will need to explain more to her she knows , but for now she must let her rest , she closes the door and carries Mel to the soft bed and lays her down on it gently , sitting down beside her , reaching out to smooth her hair back , watching her sleep with loving eyes *


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