(18) …meanwhile at Crowley’s pub ..

*just inside the entrance to Crowley’s pub , which sits between the human world and the underworld , a dark Shadow like creature lurks , no one in the bar turns to look , for it is not unusual for such a creature to enter this place , because this pub is always full of the most nasty collection of dark creatures . The pub owner , one Aleister Crowley Dark , demon by nature , Bar Keep by profession , leans against the bar , chatting casually with a lovely dark haired woman with a patch over one eye and one dark blood red eye . He is so into the conversation he seems not to notice the shadow creature sweeping towards him , it’s shredded cloak dragging slightly under it *

Aleister ~*as the creature gets closer he simply holds up his hand without looking away from the girl , he then turns and smiles a friendly smile at the creature * what’s your poison then ?

*the dark creature stops and a hissing kind of whisper comes from the robes * I do not seek a drink , I seek information

Aleister ~*genially laughs as if totally undisturbed by this creature * information indeed … *he then quickly leaps up onto the bar and shouts to the crowded bar * He wants information , we don’t serve that , what do we serve here ?

*the crowded bar chants in unison * BEER! BEER! BEER!

*the shadow creature hovers still and repeats its request in the same hissing whisper as before * information please about a certain Darius Dark … I believe you know him .. I believe you helped him … *it floats menacingly closer to Crowley *

Aleister ~*causally sits down on the bar , one foot resting on the bar , the other dangling casually , he says amusedly * wow you are no fun … and ya he is my brother , he is abroad somewhere .. can’t keep track , he is a real globe trotter ..

*the shadow creature stops and continues to hover , the hissing whisper once more comes from it * we will find him Aleister Crowley , he helped a human escape , she was our prisoner …

Aleister ~*raises an eyebrow but continues his causal attitude * so bleak and boring , why do you care about an escaped human , they are not worth the bother as I have come to understand , such uninteresting creatures

*the hissing becomes louder * He WILL be found and he WILL be made to
Return the human .. you pass on that information to him … *the shadow creature floats out of the bar , it’s torn cloak dragging along behind it *

Aleister ~*shrugs and hops down from the bar , he says in an amused voice * what a drag , let’s party !!! *he indicates animatedly at the opposite wall and it swings around , revealing a live band , each member wearing a Crowley’s pub Shirt , each one with different colored hair , it is the Pubs house live band , the entire bar cheers and dances , the lights of the dance floor flashing on the walls , a large disco ball is lowered and the lights hit it , making them shimmer around the entire bar , smiles satisfied ,he makes his way to the back of the bar and through a beaded curtain *


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