(17) Seeing The City , making a vow and Baby Gryphon’s

*the next morning in the Stone Realm , the sun shines brightly on the grey stone buildings ,shadows stretch across the stone roads , Young ones play games in the brightness ,chasing each other’s shadows that fall below them as they fly *

Wanda~*smiles down at Mel who is snuggled in her arms as they lay together in the cozy bed inside the small stone cottage , she smoothes her hand gently over Mel’s soft skin *
Mel~*smiles softly , eyes opening slowly ,looking at Wanda with such love, she says quietly, cheeks flushing softly pink * good morning

Wanda ~*smiles back and winks * good morning , how would you like a tour of the city today , I can show you my favorite places

Mel~*smiles, eyes sparkling at her *….I would like that very much

Wanda~*touches Mel’s face gently gazing into her eyes *

Mel~*moves herself closer ,pressing her lips softly to Wanda’s and kisses her , deeply and passionately *

Wanda ~*kisses her back , but pulls away gently,laughing softly * you are quite insatiable aren’t you . If we go on like that again ,we shall never get out of the house *winks and smiles *

Mel~*smiles and laughs softly * sorry I just couldn’t resist . I Love you Wanda .

Wanda ~*smiles and says gently * I love you too Mel , now let’s get dressed , I have much to show you

Mel~*smiles so brightly and slowly moves off the bed , she gathers up her clothes and gets herself dressed *

Wanda~*gets up to and slips on a long black dress and ties a black Lacey head cover on and slips on black shoes , turns to Mel and holds out her hand to her , smiles * alright lets go , we will see first if you enjoy our taste in food *winks *

Mel~*smiles ,eagerly takes her hand , her stomach rumbling * I’m sure I will love it , I’m so hungry

Wanda~*leads Mel out of the small stone cottage and out into the sunlight , she smiles at her and leads her to another stone building , not to far from the cottage , when they reach it , she pulls her into the doorway , the smell of delicious foods greets them as they enter *

Mel~*smiles and closes her eyes ,sniffing the air , smells like bacon and eggs and also something sweet like pancakes , she wonders what kinds of foods Gargoyles eat that smell so familiar to her , or maybe it’s just her brain telling her hungry stomach what it wants *

*a smallish human looking Gargoyle approaches them , small black wings stick out from his back , he is wearing a simple white shirt and black pants , he smiles at them as they enter *good morning , we have prepared a special breakfast for our human guest of
Honor*he motions for them to sit at a small stone table , a stone bench covered with a rug for them to sit on*

Wanda ~*motions for Mel to sit down first then seats herself next to her *

Mel~*smiles , cheeks flushed from happiness , guest of honor ? Her ? *

*the waiter/Gargoyle smiles and says politely * I am pleased to present you not only with selections of food from our traditions , but also a more familiar selection of dishes from the human world Miss Mel , please enjoy *he bows and as he steps back several other human type Gargoyles with smallish dark wings on their backs step forward with trays of unfamiliar and familiar foods *

Mel~*looks in awe at the selections being lain before them , wondering instantly what some of it is , curious to know how certain things will taste , she looks at Wanda , says in a whisper * is it ok if I eat now ?

Wanda ~*smiles and laughs warmly * of course it’s ok , start with whatever you wish and if you should have a question , ask , I will do my best to explain our foods *winks and selects one of the Gargoyle foods that looks like some kind of bread with smallish stones in it and also selects the human food pancakes and bacon *

Mel~*smiles and then looks curiously at the food , she tentatively takes a few things to sample , she nibbles the end of what looks like a turkey drumstick and takes a bigger bite when she realizes it truly is a turkey drumstick it tastes exactly like one anyways , she never had one of those for breakfast before , it reminds her of her friend Remus , he has an obsession with them *

Wanda~*smiles and watches Mel for a moment * is it to your liking ?

Mel~*smiles and wipes her face on a napkin , nods , says softly * it’s wonderful , especially the turkey drumsticks , my friend Remus has an obsession with them

Wanda ~*smiles and laughs * oh yes ? How intriguing , I would like to meet him one day

Mel~*smiles * I’m sure he would like you , he is such a kind man , he adopted a small human girl whose guardians were killed by demons ..*she takes another bite of the turkey leg now thinking of Remus , she feels an ache in her heart but shakes it off , eyes burn anyways , she quickly wipes the tears away with a napkin *

Wanda ~*notices and looks concerned , asks gently * what is it ?

Mel~*tries to take a deep breath and shakes her head *its nothing .. *she continues to try and hold back tears and takes another bite of food *

Wanda ~*slips her arm around her , pulling her close , not pressing her for an explanation *

Mel~*snuggles against Wanda , whispers emotionally , wiping tears * do you … do you think I will ever be safe in my world again ?

Wanda ~*holds her tightly and says gently * I will find a way to make you safe anywhere Mel , I can promise you that . You will be safe in your world once again if I have anything to do with it . *despises the shadows and all the terrible things they have done to her people and beings in other realms , using Mel as they have is unforgivable , she vows to do anything to stop them, Horatio and his followers have much to answer for *

*when they are finished eating Wanda leads Mel outside once again , hoping to distract her from the worry she is feeling , she takes her to a large open stone coliseum *

Wanda ~*smiles and says quietly * this is where we hold ceremonies Mel , very sacred and important ones , such as unions between lovers and banquets and parties *she slips her arm around her *

Mel~*snuggles against her and smiles softly * that’s so beautiful , I am learning so many wonderful things about you and your people

Wanda~*smiles and says warmly * I want to show you everything Mel , there are so many more wonders yet to be discovered *she winks at her and leads her out of the coliseum , leads her across from it and into another building , she says quietly , almost whispering * Mel , this is where the mothers come to have their babies *looks at Mel and smiles * would you like to see ?

Mel~*her eyes light up and she smiles and nods ,says quietly * I would love too

Wanda ~*smiles and pulls Mel gently forward , stopping in front of a mother Gryphon and her two babies , one is playing with its mothers giant paw *

Mel~*looks in awe at the mother and babies , she kneels down , staying back at a safe distance , unsure if she should get closer , she doesn’t want to upset the mother *

Wanda ~*smiles , her eyes sparkling , she kneels down beside Mel and says something gently and in their own language to the mother Gryphon , then turns to Mel , says softly* Go ahead Mel , you can touch the baby , the mother says you may *indicates for her to go ahead * .. it’s ok ..

Mel~*feeling a bit nervous , she moves forward slowly , almost holding her breath , she reaches out tentatively and gently touches the soft head of one of the babies , it looks up at her with curious eyes , makes a small sound and nudges Mel’s hand , she smiles , says softly to the mother * you have beautiful babies *the mother Gryphon says into Mel’s mind “thank you dear , that is very kind of you to say “ she smiles more , feeling a happiness inside her she hasn’t felt in a long time , a sense of belonging , she feels so at home here in Wanda’s world and it’s such a wonderful feeling *


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