(16)The council , the city and blooming Love 💕

*the council building looms before them , a great stone building , Gargoyle guardians standing like sentinels on each of the buildings four turrets *

Mel~*gazes up at the massive stone structure , her neck aching as she strains to see the top of the tallest turret , she wonders how they move this place when the community changes locations , maybe they have a magical way *

Wanda ~*helps Mel down off of Phineas’s back and gently begins leading her towards the stone steps of the council building *

Mel~*she asks Wanda quietly * if your people move , how do they move this building

Wanda ~*smiles and says quietly * you will know all about this place soon Mel , I promise *leads her into the stone doorway that is large enough for a Gargoyle to enter , it looks like a giants door*

Mel~*as she steps through she is reminded very much of the tale of Jack and the bean stalk , this place is full of giants , she stays close to Wanda as she is being led by her inside*

Wanda~*leads them inside the large building *

*when they get inside it looks more like a coliseum than any type of council headquarters , the walls are all incredibly tall , but then the occupants are incredibly large , for in this space is a circle of these large council members , Six in each , each one looking quite fierce , some with demon faces with large vulture type bodies , others with large cat faces , eyes staring menacingly out at the two small human type beings , these creatures encircling the entirety of this space , except for one side , left open , large enough for a Gargoyle to fit through. Though today what steps through this opening is the two human size attendees*

Mel~*clings to Wanda , her eyes large like saucers looking up at these imposing beings , they are much larger than Phineas ,he seems small in comparison , these also emit a kind of power that radiates in the large room , it makes her stomach flip and her heart race *

Wanda ~*can sense Mel’s trepidation , but she holds tight to her hand and says bravely to the council and in a voice loud enough to be heard * honored council , this is the human you were told that would be coming to seek our protection , she is being pursued by the shadow’s , she escaped with help by the demon Darius ,to safety from the Eternal Realm ,where she was taken by the leader of the shadows , Horatio . He has fooled many with his tricks and even I did not recognize him . So we ask for asylum here in the Stone Realm until we can find a way to deal with the threats from the Shadows and all they intend concerning this human

*the council appeared to have listened carefully to every word , there is much muttering amongst them and then a winged demon faced Gargoyle speaks , he is much larger than all the others , his voice booms around the stone room , it’s surprising that none of the stones break from the vibrations it causes * We Will Protect the human from the Shadows . She may stay , but under the condition she takes the oath of secrecy and speaks to no one about this realm and what she learns here . *he looks severely down at Mel who still has a death grip on Wanda *

Mel~*she can barely breathe let alone speak under his severe gaze , she looks very pale *

*the Gargoyle notices her trepidation’s and tries to soften his voice * Miss Mel , we are not here to frighten you , we wish to protect you , but you must understand our need for you to help protect us , can you help us and keep our secrets ?

Mel~*finally able to break free of some of her fear and nods , noticing the softer tone , she realizes , they are maybe not as terrifying as she first thought , she says quietly * yes .. sir , I can

Wanda ~*smiles and squeezes Mel’s hand , then says respectfully back to the council leader * Thank you sir ..*the leader bows his head back to them both , she then leads Mel back out of the room and then the building , smiles and says softly * you did very well . Now let’s get you somewhere you will find comfortable … *she tries to think of some place a human can rest here, then she sees a tiny Gargoyle zooming up to them *

*the small Gargoyle , with a very friendly face and voice flies up to them both and hovers in front of them * hi , I’m suppose to take you to the special human resting place we made just for her *looks brightly at them , well as brightly as a Gargoyle can look at any time , but this one has sparkly stones set in and they shine as if the kindness within it were shining on the outside *

Wanda ~*smiles , holding tight to Mel * yes thank you , that would be very much appreciated *she leads Mel and follows the small Gargoyle to a very lovely small stone cottage , some ways into the city , placed in a safe zone where it can be protected *

*the small Gargoyle says brightly * enjoy your time here miss Mel … *nods politely at Wanda and then zips off *

Mel~*feels Wanda gently leading her inside the small stone cottage , when she steps inside she sees a crackling fire in the hearth and soft squashy furniture that looks so very comfortable , she smiles, feeing so relaxed and at home right away*

Wanda ~*smiles watching Mel and says softly * maybe you should get some rest *pats her arm softly, leads her gently to a door and opens it to reveal a very warm and inviting bedroom , she turns to Mel , she reaches up and touches her face gently , her yellow eyes gazing into hers *

Mel~*gazes back into the now oh so familiar yellow eyes , her hand slowly moves over Wanda’s , she feels a desire deep inside her to be closer , she presses herself against her as if she has been waiting for this moment and now it has come , all worries fading from her mind *

Wanda ~*can sense Mel’s desire , something she herself has also felt , now that they are alone she can feel it growing inside her , she says softly , almost in a whisper * are you sure ?

Mel~*nods and says softly and breathlessly , her insides twisting and flipping excitedly , she has been waiting for this exact moment for so long * …yes

Wanda ~*smiles gently and leans close to her , whispering in her ear * I will remain familiar yet different , please don’t be frightened *she releases her and steps back slightly *

Mel~*nods and becomes more breathless with excitement , her cheeks flush severely, she watches Wanda with anticipation *

Wanda ~*suddenly her body glows , a shining black light of glittering midnight shines around her , large black wings unfold behind her , they shimmer and sparkle , the rest of her remains in her human form , she moves close to
Mel , the wings folding around her , enclosing her gently , she looks deep into her eyes , her fingers gently caressing her face , she lifts her chin slightly and presses her lips to Mel’s , kissing her softly and passionately , her wings completely folded around Mel now ,as well as her arms pulling her close *

Mel~*lets out a soft sound of pleasure and kisses her back , pressing against her eagerly , making more soft sounds of desire , wrapped strongly and gently within Wanda’s embracing wings , the two share together a beautiful evening of mutual Love *


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