(15) City of Gargoyles

City of the Gargoyles

*the carriage approaches a very large portal , it’s stone frame looks heavily solid ,even standing on its own two stone clawed feet , for it is large enough for the carriage and horses to pass through effortlessly , which it does , the carriage disappears into the glittering midnight of the portal and the opening vanishes , in its place appears a large guardian Gargoyle that certainly none would challenge ,as this opening to the Stone Realm is only available to those invited to enter *

Wanda ~*peers out the carriage window and sees where they are , the stone landscape very familiar to her , she gazes down at Mel who is still resting quietly , she gently smooths back her hair from her face and smiles softly , she has such affection for this human , suddenly she starts as she is jolted by a sudden action of the carriage , the horses whinnying agitatedly , she peers out to see a familiar Gargoyle that has apparently startled the horses, she gently moves herself out from under Mel and makes her way to the carriage door and opens it , she leaps down easily onto the ground and makes her way to the front of the carriage , she gently quiets the horses and then looks up at her brother * Phineas , it’s been ages , how are you?

Phineas ~*turns his stonelike head towards her and chuckles warmly , a deep booming chuckle , warm and friendly * sister , you look like a human ,but I could detect your scent anywhere *he sniffs the air * but there is a human here *he leans near the coach, the ground shaking slightly as he moves , he leans his giant self towards the coach ,one of his giant eyes peers in the tiny window , he sees a sleeping human girl and he moves back quietly , looking at Wanda puzzled * why did you bring a human here ?

Wanda ~*says honestly and calmly * she needs our protection , she is being pursued by the Shadows

Phineas~*looks startled *they are pursuing a human ?

Wanda ~*she says gently * she is quite special this girl , her name is Mel and she has a very interesting story . Do you want to meet her ?

Phineas ~*nods , curious about the human that the shadows would pursue *

Wanda ~*smiles gently and moves back towards the carriage and opens the door softly, steps back in and sits gently next to Mel , smoothes her hair gently and says quietly * Mel , we are in the stone realm , I need you to wake up now

Mel~*stirs , smiling with her eyes closed as she hears Wanda’s voice , slowly her eyes open and she looks at her , slowly sitting up , rubs her eyes sleepily , looks out the window of the carriage , she asks curiously * is it nighttime here ? It’s so grey out there

Wanda ~*smiles gently * perhaps , but I wish for you to meet my brother . *looks into her eyes and says seriously but gently * he is quite imposing , but he truly is friendly , ok ? *holds out her hand to Mel ,smiles gently *

Mel~*nods and takes Wanda’s hand , she feels nervous but she trusts Wanda *

Wanda ~*leads her out of the carriage , helping her step down onto the stone ground , she keeps tight hold of her hand not knowing how she will react *

Mel~*her nerves tingling she grips Wanda’s hand , she slowly looks around at where they are , everything is stone , even the trees , the corner of her eyes catch sight of a very large something next to them , her heart begins to beat quickly , the bracelet on her arm becomes very warm as if trying to help her ,a soft whimper of fear escapes her , she grips Wanda’s hand tighter , those large stone feet could crush her *

Wanda~*senses Mel’s fear and pulls her close , whispers softly , patting her arm * it’s ok , I promise . *she gently turns Mel to stand in front of Phineas , she keeps her arm tight around her *

Phineas~*scrunches down into an almost crouching position , trying to make himself look less imposing , but he truly just looks more frightening , but he can’t help it , he tries to keep his booming voice gentle * good evening miss Mel, please don’t be frightened , I promise I will not eat you *gives a friendly, warm , deep chuckle *

Mel~*feels so small in this gargoyles presence , she feels comforted by Wanda and the words of Phineas ,but she relaxes only slightly , her nerves still very shaken after all that has happened *

Wanda ~*smiles at her brother * we need to visit the council Phineas , can you lead us there ?

Phineas ~*nods , says in his friendly booming voice * of course , would you like me to take you there on my back ?

Wanda ~*smiles and hurries with Mel before she can protest and lifts her onto Phineas’s back * yes please *keeps her arms tight around Mel as they sit*

Phineas ~*begins to walk down the stone path with them , he pushes his way past stone trees and a long stone wall that he leaps over easily, before them now lays the center of the community , Gargoyles of every description and size walk the stone street , young ones follow their parents , adolescents can be seen challenging each other in the stone fields that surround the town *

Mel~*looks around as they are carried , has been so curious about this place , to actually see it is like a dream , she does not feel frightened so much now, as curious to learn more about Wanda and her kind *

to be continued ….


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