(11) Lavinia

Hortensia~*leads Mel into the building. She can feel her trembling , she speaks kindly and softly * it’s going to be alright Miss *she has to pull her gently into the building * .. just breathe

Mel~*terrified , she clings to Hortensia , every fiber of her being telling her she needs to run , she feels so unsafe here , like she will discover something that would be better left undiscovered , as if deep down she knows why she was sent here and it wasn’t to keep her safe , her fear makes objects they pass shift in place where they are , she suddenly feels weak , something was shot into her , she falls as if in slow motion , she sees Hortensia’s face looking so sad , mouthing the words “I’m so sorry Miss “ then she remembers no more , darkness takes over her mind and she falls into it *

Hortensia ~*looks daggers at Horatio , who has appeared behind them with a now empty syringe in his hand *

Horatio~*speaks sternly to her * I do not want her using her powers until we can release them fully in our controlled environment, I did not go to all this trouble to fool those witches into letting us have her just to have my plan prematurely set into motion

*two guards lift then carry Mel into an elevator on Horatio’s orders , they wait for Hortensia and Horatio to enter it *

Hortensia ~*speaks strongly to him* this is not the way to deal with her , she is frightened , that is why her powers reacted .

Horatio~*ignores her and enters the elevator *

Hortensia ~*enters it quickly , not wanting to leave Mel alone with him if she can help it , when the doors close she asks concerned * where is Wanda ?

Horatio~*says simply as he looks at his watch * the Gargoyle is being held in a secure place , she is unharmed *he steps out of the elevator when it stops and the doors open *

Hortensia~*does not look overly confident that Wanda is safe , but she will find out as soon as she can , she glances at Mel in the guards arms , she feels so responsible , Mel trusted her and now this happened , she has to find a way to get her out of this , she follows them out of the elevator *

Horatio~*indicates to the guards to lay Mel down on the bed in the room ,he watches to make sure the guards secure her to the bed correctly, then watches them leave , he stands over Mel , looking down at her with a smirk *

Hortensia~*stands near Horatio and says in as calm of a voice as she can * what do you intend to do with her ?

Horatio~*without looking at her answers * I will release the powers buried in her , powers she does not know she has .. *he explains no further *

*the door to the room opens and a dark haired woman walks in , she has startling blue eyes , which makes the darkness of her makeup stand out in stark comparison, she approaches the bed , heels clicking forcefully on the hard surface of the floor , her eyes focusing on Mel *

Horatio~*nods at the woman * good evening Lavinia , thank you for your help in this matter , we would not have her in our hands if it were not for your skills .

Lavinia ~*smirks slightly * yes , well I will get started right away with her , I need her conscious *she slips on a pair of black gloves , ready to get started with the plan *

Hortensia ~*stands closer to Mel , pleads * please be gentle with her Lavinia , she is fragile , despite her buried powers .

Lavinia~*looks at Hortensia and says almost kindly * I’m not into causing pain, so maybe I could enlist your help in keeping her calm while I do what I need to do ?*raises her eyebrow slightly , waiting for Hortensia’s reply *

Hortensia ~*nods and sits on the bed next to Mel , says softly * yes I will keep her as calm as I can *looks up at Lavinia * I care very much about this human , she is valuable in more ways than just her untapped powers

Lavinia~*smiles * I promise to be as gentle as I can , but this will be emotionally draining to her , she will be feeling things coursing through her that she has never felt before

Hortensia~*asks softly * is this really necessary Lavinia , why unbury the powers , maybe they were buried for a reason

Lavinia~*regards her curiously * that is a very wise concern and certainly something to consider , but regardless we will unbury them , Horatio insists , but carefully *she kneels down by the bed , she takes a syringe off the table , sticks it in a bottle and draws out the liquid inside it into the syringe , she holds it up when finished , pushing the air out of it and then very gently inserts the needle expertly into one of Mel’s veins , pushing the liquid slowly into the vein*

Hortensia ~*worries when Mel wakes she is going to be so scared , she watches her carefully , waiting for the drug to take effect *

Mel~*her eyes scrunch tightly at first as she starts to come around , then her eyes open slowly , she starts when she sees Lavinia , the fear is clear in her eyes , she tugs at her restraints looking panicked , her breathing quickens , tears well in her eyes *

Hortensia ~*speaks softly to her * it’s alright Mel , I’m right here , no one is going to hurt you .. shhhh ..*pats her gently on the head , then smooths her hair back *

Mel~*looks imploringly at Hortensia, begging her * please let me go , please ..

Hortensia ~*this pains her so much , but she tries to keep her voice calm and gentle * I can’t do that , but I’m not going to leave you , I’m going to stay right here

Mel~*tears stream down her face , she starts to sob , heart wrenching ones , she is so scared and being tied to the bed vulnerable like this is making her fear worse , the bed starts shifting , the restraints break suddenly and she is free , when she realizes this she gets up as fast as she can , rolling off the bed and runs towards the door , it opens for her and she rushes into an empty room , the door slams shut , she panics , turning round and round in a circle , trying to find a way out of here that is not the same way she came *

*a voice booms Seemingly out of the air , it is Horatio’s voice, he sounds pleased as well as smug * very impressive , all that power , you almost got yourself free , whatever shall we do now …

Mel~*can see no way out except the way she came , she sinks to her knees and tries to breathe , she feels something coursing through her , a sensation , tingling down her arms and legs , her whole body trembling with it , she has never felt this before , she looks at her hands , they are glowing , she feels an impulse , she holds them up , crossing them in front of her , as soon as she does a force shoots out from her violently and smashes a hole in the wall , metal twists and contorts , exposing freedom just beyond it ,she stands and runs toward the gaping hole , looking down from the edge of it , she hears footsteps of someone coming from behind her and she leaps from the hole towards freedom *


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