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Just Mel and her dolls ❤️

My doll family , August 2019

I am expecting a few more dolls , but here is the fam so far 😉

Song is Skibidi , by Little Big

All rights belong to the owner of the music 🎶

Everybody hurts sometimes

Darkus has always been there for Mel , long ago , he was her guardian and now he is back , perfect timing ,as she is going through some emotional times 🖤 those reasons will be revealed in the story soon 🖤 thanks for watching !

Song by R.E.M. all rights to the song are owned by them

~I have used it for creative purposes only

Ace ~❤️

Fixer of anything on wheels , also has a gentle hand for musical instruments , she is a kind soul , but tough when she needs to be 😉

My Beautiful Seila ~🖤

This lovely girl traveled all the way from France to join my doll family , I wonder which role she will accept in my doll stories ?🤔 we shall see !

My Pullip Melissa Gang ❤️

Pullip Melissa and I go way back , to when I got my first one in 2010 , she has become by far my favorite Pullip for so many reasons . We have been through a lot together her and I . Now in 2019 , I can’t believe I own 5 of this beauty, each with their own look and personality . I love them all as if they were my children ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Just a lovely little video ❤️☀️🌈


The song is not mine 🙂 it’s from the Muppet movie , I just love all the songs in that movie , this one is touching and beautiful and has a special meaning to Mel ❤️ hope you like the video .

Where to begin ? That is the question

Basically broken down, the menu on the main page ,contains ALL parts of a continuous dolly drama . They are split into parts and different story lines , but for the most part they mesh really well . You can jump in anywhere you like and if you want to know more you can skip backwards or forwards . Any way you do it , I hope you enjoy what you read 😉 and thanks again to all my readers , I adore you all !!😘❤️

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

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Blast from the past , Papin and AJ , one of my favorite dolly couples ❤️ (Copied each photo and description from my Flickr page )

me-Papin who is your friend…?

Papin-umm…..this is A.J.

A.J.- hey

me-it’s nice to meet you A.J. *smiles*

A.J.- nice to meet you to

Papin-yes ..well…me and A.J. ….we are just going to hang out now and stuff…

me- ok..*smiles* have fun you two

Papin-*giggles* ok….

A.J.- yupp

Papin was so excited to find she had a secret admirer, she received several gifts from this person, one of which was a fur coat, the others were , yellow flowers , a poem, a little box with a bear and a phone number to call , its still a mystery as to who this person is, but now with her new friend A.J. by her side, perhaps Papin will soon discover who sent her all of these wonderful things ^___~

Papin– “… he sent me all those things…the flowers , the fur coat, the small box with the tiny bear and his number…why didnt he come to meet me like he said he was….i was all alone in the park waiting…..i would have just broken down and cried if I hadn’t met you,…*sniffs*… thanks for helping me A.J. ”

A.J.—“*smile* Eh it was no problem , i love to help damsels in distress ..*laughs an amused laugh, as if to some secret joke of her own* but seriously , don’t get to upset over this person, obviously they were to shy to come up to you, or to shy to say anything , im sure that everything is going to be ok, just give it some time….”

Papin–“thanks A.J. you are so sweet to me, i will try not to worry *smiles*”

A.J.–” ya, and remember we only get one life, whats the point wasting it on worry , so cheer up and lets go and get something to eat, my treat ok”

Papin–“*smiles* sounds good, and thanks, you are such a good friend ”

Papin–“what is it A.J. ? ”

A.J.– Umm…i…………..I like your outfit, i think you look really nice today…*smiles but is hiding something else she wanted to say*

Papin–Thanks.A.J….*smiles *

A.J.— *takes Papin’s hand gently * i need to tell you something…

Papin–*looks at her curiously* what is it A.J.?

A.J.– *pauses for a moment ,then says it*… was me…i was the one who sent you those things…the Flowers, the coat and everything…

Papin–*looks so confused* …….. but……i …i dont understand…what do you mean?…..

A.J.– I sent them to you….because…..

Papin– *asks quietly* because why A.J.?

A.J.- *pauses again then says it* ………because i Love you….

Papin— I love you to A.J…….*doesnt understand fully what A.J. means yet*

A.J.—it’s because i LOVE you Love you….do you understand….*asks gently*

Papin–*looks so confused doesnt know what to say…*….i…you…Love me.???..*asks in a whisper*….

A.J.—Yes…i do…

(*******please note that when Papin says love in small letters she means Friend type love..and when A.J. says it >>Love she means Love Love 😉 just thought i should point that out, sorry if im being obvious LOL)

(what will Papin’s reply be ?? we shall see ^__~ )

*whispers * yes ..*and then *…

here it is ,the pic i think most of you have probably been waiting to see, yes , Papin of course accepted A.J. ❤

i think they are very sweet together and will be happy being with each other, of course starting off as friends is a good way to begin any relationship =)

**** this pic was difficult to upload for a few reasons, one being i took so many pics of this scene , that it was hard to choose, and two i know alot of people will look at it and automatically click away, but i hope that most of you will love it , it is a sweet romantic story and i had great pleasure in bringing it to all of you =)


I saved all of the descriptions I had on the photos from Flickr and added a few other photos to the end of other pics of them . I wish I still had them . please enjoy this blast from the past if you still remember them ❤️

New Chapters

These follow the story pretty well of what I have already published . I love it when everything flows lol hope you enjoy ! Thanks for reading !

Rewards behind closed doors ~

Check out the story of Margo and the Mysterious woman for more on these two 🙂

Links are in the menu and on the Post called the Mysterious V

The Mysterious “V”

Read Description below, Links to the story are at the Bottom

“You can Call me “V” , Love “


***Links are at the Bottom *****

Margo and The mysterious woman

***ReAD on if you wish to read the full story ***

****IMPORTANT NOTE ***** this photo story contains love scenes , if you are squeamish about such things , do not proceed lol , I am very proud of how this turned out , if you wish to view it , please enjoy ;D

Also a side note , something that I have not revealed in any of my stories in to much detail , but Margo and Mel are both called Travelers , though I believe I briefly mentioned it in Mel’s story , but anywhoo , Margo and Mel have both been sent out to “learn and experience “ the world , when they have learned all they can in whatever place  they are in , they are sent to another place , the reason for this will be explained in another story , but I thought I should mention it here ,because Margo is incredibly innocent and naive this might be disturbing to some , but she is also wanting to learn and what she learns in this is I think to some degree beautiful , consent is given and Margo learned about something called pleasure .

Hope you like the story , to all those who wish to read it 🙂


Part 1

Part 2

part 3

part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7


  1. feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.
  2. “I’m very grateful to you for all your help”
  3. synonyms:
    • archaic
    • received or experienced with gratitude; welcome.
    • “enjoying the grateful shade”


Hellebore is indeed very grateful that soon he will see his dear Noel once more , but how will she greet him ? She wishes for answers ,but how will she handle the truth? . For the truth is terrible , but it must be told.

Link to Part 3~

Flash back to the past


I have been for a long time wanting to write this story , Hellebore has been filled with regret for years , as he , during a fit of madness killed his wife and children (little did he know one escaped and has returned ) and before that all of his people , leaving him the last of his kind . If you have known me and my characters on Flickr , you will be familiar with the story of Hellebore and all of the bad things he has done , one HUGE one will be revealed later in this story (though former readers will probably know what needs to be told ) , it is a disturbing revelation , but it must be told . So welcome back all “fans” of Hellebore , here is a tale that is a long time coming . Will Hellebore find forgiveness in his long lost daughter or will she turn away from him ? Only time will tell …

Link for part 1

Below is the Link to part 2

Link to part 3

Link to Part 4


Noel & The White Rabbits , part 1 , a new dolly drama tale, link in the description ;)

I needed pictures for this story and I needed to take them outside , I was very determined to publish this new story , the first day of the new year , Happy 2019 everyone ! Also I think I spent more on props for this story than any other ^^ anyways the temperature out today is 9 degrees lol needless to say I could NOT feel my hands for quite awhile after finishing this photo shoot ,probably a lot of you will ask me “why didn’t you wear gloves ?” And I answer … yes that would have been a good idea 😅

Please enjoy the story , I will post links to each part on my main page as I have them published

Here is The link to part 1 for your enjoyment 😉🐇

A dolls life 💕

“Pretty as a picture , delicate , fragile , Standing , watching , waiting , anticipating , the day, when you say ,you want to play and make me feel alive again ” ~mje

Her Universe

Margo is such an innocent , she knows very little of the world , she knows little to nothing of Romantic Love , though she has a crush on someone , awww puppy love 💕Naive and sweet , she is also such a beauty ❤️

Margo’s Story 🖤

Part 1 – The Man with the Red eyes

*on a beach at sunset , a girl with long black hair , bright far away sky blue eyes , dressed in a striped long sleeve shirt , the sleeves too long for her , but it’s how she likes it , it covers her hands , which makes her feel safer , but from what? , she doesn’t know , she wraps her arms around herself as she looks out over the water , her long straight black hair blowing back gently , she closes her eyes , she wishes the dreams would stop , in all of the dreams she is powerful , strong and able to do anything ,but in real life she doesn’t feel powerful at all , because of these dreams she has become terrified of having her hands uncovered , because the dreams seem so real , she can almost feel a kind of power inside herself , right down to her finger tips and it frightens her , she doesn’t notice , but someone is watching her , a cloaked someone , it looks as if they were deciding whether or not to approach the girl *

*the cloaked figure finally makes its decision after a moment or two and begins to make its way closer to the girl , it seems to be calculating every step , making every movement smooth and cautious , even its cloak billows behind it quietly in the wind , but whatever it does it knows , the girl will be frightened at their approach , the figure knows to be extra careful with her , because she is the girl he was told about , the one that needed to be found , the other girl with extraordinary powers , ones she was forced to forget , ones that are about to surface and become known , the timeline set for their emergence is soon, she has been protected up until now , keeping her powers as but a dream to her subconscious mind , the powers buried so they could not be detected , but she will be aware of them soon and the sooner someone tells her what she needs to know , the better , a voice softly calls to her * Maaarrrgggooo….*the name whispered and carried to her by the wind *

Margo~*starts at hearing her name and turns frantically to see who has called her , she sees the cloaked figure slowly approaching and her heart stops , her breath catches in her throat , she cannot move for a moment , then she finds her feet and runs , hair streaming behind her, the sand making it difficult for her to move very fast*

*the figure visibly and audibly sighs , he knew this would be a difficult thing , it was with the last one he encountered , he doesn’t want to frighten her more , but he must confront her , she must be told what she needs to know and soon , for her own protection , he vanishes and appears directly in her path , causing her to crash into him , he strongly but gently grabs her before she can even scream , he vanishes with her *

part 2 The Truth in the library , or at least part of it

Margo~*has her eyes tightly shut , her body trembling terribly , is this another dream , did she dream the figure in the cloak , will she open her eyes now and see herself back at the home she knows, with her long sleeves covering her hands she peers out just above one of her sleeves , but what she sees is not the familiar home she has known , but another place , she holds her breath and then jumps slightly as she hears a voice speaking to her *

Darius~*kneels down next to the girl who he has brought to his home , he speaks to her softly , hoping not to frighten her more * Margo , I hope you will forgive me , but I had to bring you here

Margo~*moves her sleeved hand down a bit more from her eyes , she looks at the man , he has red eyes , but a very kind face , she manages to find her voice , she asks in a whisper * how do you know my name ?

Darius~*smiles kindly at her and keeps his voice gentle * I have only recently learned about you my dear , but I will leave that story for another day , but please understand , you are safe now . My name is Darius and this is my home .

Margo~*sits up slowly , keeping her eyes on Darius for the most part , but also noticing that they are in a library , she loves books , a small smile forms on her lips , then her mind snaps back to her current reality , she asks quietly * why … am I here ?

Darius~*smiles kindly once more and says gently still * I promise I will explain everything to you , but I do not think it would be wise to give you too much information too quickly , for it is a long and complicated story *he notices her interest in the books , he smiles more * but please make yourself at home here , the books are longing for someone to read them *his eyes sparkle at her *

Margo~*cant help but smile , then she regards Darius once more , she asks curiously * sir …. why are your eyes red ?

Darius~*smiles, a very small chuckle escapes him * I think perhaps that explanation must come later my dear *reaches out and touches her hand softly * but please remember you are safe here .

Margo~*is so curious , she wishes he would tell her , but something occurs to her , maybe he is the victim of some rare disease , maybe he is embarrassed by it , she nods and says quietly * thank you sir

Darius~*smiles and pats her hand and then stands * please call me Darius and if you need anything , do not hesitate to ask *he quietly leaves the library *

Part 3 – The Friendly maid and more truths

Margo~*watches him go and then remembers suddenly , how did they get here , to This house , she doesn’t remember how they got here , he grabbed her , she remembers that , then they were here , she startles as she sees someone else entering the library , it’s a girl carrying a tray with tea things on it *

*its a girl wearing maids clothes ,smiles kindly* master Darius said you might like some tea *she sets the tray down on the small wooden table near Margo *

Margo~*her sleeve covered hands are still wrapped around her as she sits , says quietly * thank you *she still looks worried and disturbed by how the man brought her here and why does he have red eyes *

*the girl smiles and pours a cup of tea , notices that Margo looks worried * are you alright Miss ?

Margo ~*looks at the girl and says in a whisper * that man ….he … is .. different .. something about his eyes … and … I don’t know how … but .. we were there , then we were here … *she rubs at her forehead with her sleeve covered hand , as if it aches, scrunching her eyes as she does this *

*the girls says kindly * the master does not wish to frighten you Miss , but I can tell you about him , if you like ? *she looks towards the door for a moment hoping not to be overheard , since this really isn’t her place , then turns back to Margo and says gently * don’t be frightened Miss but the master is a Demon , he won’t hurt you , he is very kind

Margo~*looks completely in shock for a moment , she can’t believe this , she says in an awed whisper * but ….it …it can’t be …

*the girl smiles and pats her arm * it’s alright Miss , he won’t hurt you . I promise .

Margo~*looks at the girl , her arms wrapped around her tighter now , looks very pale, sleeve covered hands pressed under her armpits , she whispers * am I dreaming ? *she always feels like she is in a dream anyway , her life has been so foggy for as long as she can remember , she is never sure what is real and what is not , just like the girls face that keeps showing up in her dreams , who is she ? *

*the girl says gently , placing a hand on Margo’s arm * no , you are not dreaming


Margo’s story is part of the Mel , The Witch and The Gargoyle chronicles (for those of you not familiar , all the parts are in the menu ), but Margo’s story stands on its own for now , but it will mesh with the other parts soon , the two powerful girls have a very important role to play together 🖤

Wanda’s Special Gift

Wanda Gave Mel a very special gift today , a Gryphon charm to show her love and longing to protect and Take care of Mel TIL the end of time 🖤

The Story of Mel ,the witch and the Gargoyle is in the menu , that is where this blossoming love story began 🖤 check it out 😎 so far there are 19 chapters to the tale . Here is the link for chapter 1

Enjoy! ❤️

Enjoy this mini story of Mel and Wanda and the very special gift

To Be Human , a dolly drama MV

There is a love triangle developing in my dolly drama , how will it come out ? Will Mel choose her current Love interest Wanda or the man who wants her back ,that she loved before …

Did anyone following the story guess this might happen ?

After all ,To Be Human , is to Love ❤️🖤

The Dark inside

*a dark man with deep set blue eyes stands behind a girl with demon eyes , he is silent , dressed in butlers clothing , ready to serve , the girl in the chair is more than she seems , the smirk on her face tells of a deep hidden secret that for now only she knows , she is quite delighted by it , her eyes flash as she drinks her tea *

Nothing left to lose …(an extra mini drama tale ) Kurai has had an emotional breakdown and Mel was in the way 😱(Little does Kurai know , this is a very dangerous thing )

Kurai~*looks at her , his eyes look angry as if he wants to attack someone and she is the one closest to him during this moment , he swiftly pulls her close to him , she is close enough he can feel her heart beating wildly in her chest *

Mel~*her entire body starting to glow now , she looks panicked , she doesn’t want to hurt anyone , her breathing quickens , her emotions reaching a dangerous level , she tries to warn him * let me go Kurai , I don’t want to kill you , I really don’t … *her voice is emotional ,she is
Very near tears , hair hanging dramatically in her face *

Kurai~*looks at her with disdain , his voice dripping with it * you don’t have the power to kill me human , but I have the power to do what I want with you now, I have nothing left to lose *he pulls her into a dangerous kiss *

*suddenly ,what sounds like an explosion happens , Mel’s body glows so brightly that it lights up the night , Kurai is thrown back from her violently , his body engulfed in a bright light , when he hits a tree , he slumps to the ground , the light fading and he is still *

Mel~* a look of absolute panic comes over her , she doesn’t know what to do , she stands frozen staring at Kurai’s lifeless body *

To be continued ….

I hope you enjoy the stories I have created , ^^ I hope they are easy to follow and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them .

Have a great day !

Love Mel 💕

Interview with a Gargoyle ~

Mel~*sits in a chair across from Wanda , a pen in hand , notebook resting in her lap , she smiles * Wanda are you ready for my questions ?

Wanda ~*smiles and nods * yes I believe so

Mel~*smiles and begins * ok so do Gargoyles have a community ? Where you all live ? Or do you meet somewhere sometimes ?

Wanda ~*smiles * my answer is yes , we gather , but we are so widespread throughout the world and many of us have posts we cannot leave easily , so , our meetings are infrequent , as to a community , I believe there is one , I have not been to it (it’s location is on a need to know basis ) but one does exist I have heard ,generally we are wanderers Mel , it is why I chose my name for you to call me, Wanda , translated roughly means wanderer

Mel~*looks at her curiously , can’t help but ask * isn’t that lonely ?

Wanda ~*smiles softly * not truly, it is in our nature to wander unless we are given a place, such as guarding Divina’s house ,most importantly we are sentinels , we love to guard things

Mel~*nods and writes those things down in her notes * my next question is kind of personal , so forgive me , but do Gargoyles engage in sexual activities ?

Wanda ~*her eyes sparkle almost deviously * hmmm… perhaps

Mel~*looks at her curiously * so if you do , can you procreate ?

Wanda ~*laughs softly * yes Mel , we can , but I think you would find our intimate ways more harsh than a human’s

Mel~*bites the end of her pen in thought * so it’s more aggressive ?

Wanda ~*smiles a crooked smile * perhaps ..

Mel~*smiles and laughs softly * alright I will leave that for now , oh , are gargoyles a type of demon ?

Wanda ~*thinks about this * hmmmm… yes and no , we are a combination of demon, dragon and angel , we are quite complex

Mel~*smiles * wow that’s amazing and can you fly?

Wanda ~*nods * yes indeed we can , I shall take you flying one day , if you wish

Mel~*smiles eagerly* I would love to !

Wanda ~*smiles * anymore questions for me ?

Mel~*bites her pen again and then asks * what do Gargoyles eat ?

Wanda~we can eat anything a living mammal can

Mel~*writes this down * So are Gargoyles male and female or do you not have a gender ?

Wanda ~*smiles * we have gender specifics yes

Mel~*asks one more question , but this one makes her cheeks flush slightly, she couldn’t resist asking * can Gargoyles have sex with humans ? And I mean in your human form ?

Wanda ~*raises an eyebrow* I do not believe a human would find our ways very enjoyable , it would possibly be dangerous ? , I do not know

Mel~*is lost in thoughts about this , she then catches Wanda staring at her and she snaps out of her thoughts, her face flushing again * oh I see … *smiles awkwardly , quickly writing something in her notes *

Wanda ~*smiles at Mel , her eyes sparkling deviously once more *

Mel~ One more question , how long can you stay in your human form ?

Wanda ~*thinks about this * as far as I know , I could stay like this indefinitely , if I wish , it takes a lot of energy to switch between forms and I find the human form quite comfortable

Mel~*smiles softly * I’m glad , that you like your human form I mean , I like it very much too *her cheeks flush slightly * ok one last one for now , do Gargoyles age ?

Wanda ~no , we are untouched by time

Mel~that’s amazing , so how old are you ?

Wanda ~*thinks about this for a moment * hmmm…. I am not certain , I have been on this earth for many centuries I believe , but I cannot be certain of the exact amount , I do not bother with keeping tally of such things

Mel~ok one more question , what are you currently guarding ?

Wanda ~*says gently * you

Mel~*smiles her face flushing * but why me ?

Wanda ~*smiles softly * because I am your sentinel


Mel is always so creative with her questions ^^ and a bit preoccupied with sex lol so of course she has to squeeze in that question 😂 anyways thanks for visiting my blog and reading ! It is most appreciated ❤️

The Story of Mel the witch and the Gargoyle

Open the menu to find the chapters to the story , hope you have as much fun reading them as I had writing them ^_^

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Domination ~

don’t really have an explanation for this pic 😛 only it turned out better than I thought it would , also Semele has sick fantasies so ya lol

Always with me

Always with Me (Itsumo Nando Demo-Translation)

Somewhere, a voice calls, in the depths of my heart

May I always be dreaming, the dreams that move my heart

So many tears of sadness, uncountable through and through

I know on the other side of them I’ll find you

Everytime we fall down to the ground we look up to the blue sky above

We wake to it’s blueness, as for the first time

Though the road is long and lonely and the end far away, out of sight

I can with these two arms embrace the light

As I bid farewell my heart stops, in tenderness I feel

My silent empty body begins to listen to what is real

The wonder of living, the wonder of dying

The wind, town, and flowers, we all dance one unity

Somewhere a voice calls in the depths of my heart

keep dreaming your dreams, don’t ever let them part

Why speak of all your sadness or of life’s painfull woes

Instead let the same lips sing a gentle song for you

The whispering voice, we never want to forget,

in each passing memory always there to guide you

When a miror has been broken, shattered pieces scattered on the ground

Glimpses of new life, reflected all around

Window of beginning, stillness, new light of the dawn

Let my silent, empty body be filled and reborn

No need to search outside, nor sail across the sea

Cause here shining inside me, it’s right here inside me

I’ve found a brightness, it’s always with me

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.

–Neil Gaiman