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Blast from the past , Papin and AJ , one of my favorite dolly couples ❤️

me-Papin who is your friend…?

Papin-umm…..this is A.J.

A.J.- hey

me-it’s nice to meet you A.J. *smiles*

A.J.- nice to meet you to

Papin-yes ..well…me and A.J. ….we are just going to hang out now and stuff…

me- ok..*smiles* have fun you two

Papin-*giggles* ok….

A.J.- yupp

Papin was so excited to find she had a secret admirer, she received several gifts from this person, one of which was a fur coat, the others were , yellow flowers , a poem, a little box with a bear and a phone number to call , its still a mystery as to who this person is, but now with her new friend A.J. by her side, perhaps Papin will soon discover who sent her all of these wonderful things ^___~

Papin– “… he sent me all those things…the flowers , the fur coat, the small box with the tiny bear and his number…why didnt he come to meet me like he said he was….i was all alone in the park waiting…..i would have just broken down and cried if I hadn’t met you,…*sniffs*… thanks for helping me A.J. ”

A.J.—“*smile* Eh it was no problem , i love to help damsels in distress ..*laughs an amused laugh, as if to some secret joke of her own* but seriously , don’t get to upset over this person, obviously they were to shy to come up to you, or to shy to say anything , im sure that everything is going to be ok, just give it some time….”

Papin–“thanks A.J. you are so sweet to me, i will try not to worry *smiles*”

A.J.–” ya, and remember we only get one life, whats the point wasting it on worry , so cheer up and lets go and get something to eat, my treat ok”

Papin–“*smiles* sounds good, and thanks, you are such a good friend ”

Papin–“what is it A.J. ? ”

A.J.– Umm…i…………..I like your outfit, i think you look really nice today…*smiles but is hiding something else she wanted to say*

Papin–Thanks.A.J….*smiles *

A.J.— *takes Papin’s hand gently * i need to tell you something…

Papin–*looks at her curiously* what is it A.J.?

A.J.– *pauses for a moment ,then says it*… was me…i was the one who sent you those things…the Flowers, the coat and everything…

Papin–*looks so confused* …….. but……i …i dont understand…what do you mean?…..

A.J.– I sent them to you….because…..

Papin– *asks quietly* because why A.J.?

A.J.- *pauses again then says it* ………because i Love you….

Papin— I love you to A.J…….*doesnt understand fully what A.J. means yet*

A.J.—it’s because i LOVE you Love you….do you understand….*asks gently*

Papin–*looks so confused doesnt know what to say…*….i…you…Love me.???..*asks in a whisper*….

A.J.—Yes…i do…

(*******please note that when Papin says love in small letters she means Friend type love..and when A.J. says it >>Love she means Love Love 😉 just thought i should point that out, sorry if im being obvious LOL)

(what will Papin’s reply be ?? we shall see ^__~ )

*whispers * yes ..*and then *…

here it is ,the pic i think most of you have probably been waiting to see, yes , Papin of course accepted A.J. ❤

i think they are very sweet together and will be happy being with each other, of course starting off as friends is a good way to begin any relationship =)

**** this pic was difficult to upload for a few reasons, one being i took so many pics of this scene , that it was hard to choose, and two i know alot of people will look at it and automatically click away, but i hope that most of you will love it , it is a sweet romantic story and i had great pleasure in bringing it to all of you =)


I saved all of the descriptions I had on the photos from Flickr and added a few other photos to the end of other pics of them . I wish I still had them . please enjoy this blast from the past if you still remember them ❤️

New Chapters

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Rewards behind closed doors ~

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The Mysterious “V”

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“You can Call me “V” , Love “


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Margo and The mysterious woman

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****IMPORTANT NOTE ***** this photo story contains love scenes , if you are squeamish about such things , do not proceed lol , I am very proud of how this turned out , if you wish to view it , please enjoy ;D

Also a side note , something that I have not revealed in any of my stories in to much detail , but Margo and Mel are both called Travelers , though I believe I briefly mentioned it in Mel’s story , but anywhoo , Margo and Mel have both been sent out to “learn and experience “ the world , when they have learned all they can in whatever place  they are in , they are sent to another place , the reason for this will be explained in another story , but I thought I should mention it here ,because Margo is incredibly innocent and naive this might be disturbing to some , but she is also wanting to learn and what she learns in this is I think to some degree beautiful , consent is given and Margo learned about something called pleasure .

Hope you like the story , to all those who wish to read it 🙂


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